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Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear colleagues and map curators,

The University of Aix-Marseille  is pleased to inform you that CartoMundi –
website dedicated to the promotion of the Cartographic Heritage – is now
totally operational.
I wish you a pleasant discover of this new resource and you are invited to
visit different places, during different periods, through the joined file
(Med_Round-Trip) or  the following links:
* Egypt, 1:50 000, 1896-1913, 165
* Serbia, 1:75 000, 1880-1918, 96
* France, 1:80 000, 1838-1900, 273
* Syria-Lebanon, 1:500 000, 1931-1954, 7
* Balkan Peninsula, 1:1 000 000, 1899-1928, 6
* Europe, 1:1 500 000, 1914-1916, 12
* Africa, 1:2 000 000, 1881-1903, 63 sheets
We got digital reproductions by courtesy of the French National Geographic
Institute – IGN, the University of Paris 8 and the French National Library.

            CartoMundi is a public website, developed by the Mediterranean
House for Social Sciences at Aix-en-Provence and Telemme, for the University
of Aix-Marseille. It offers a catalog and reproductions of several tens of
thousands of maps. They are antique or new, detailed or general and they
represent diverse places of the world (mostly on Mediterranean and Balkan).
            Its public interface http://cartomundi.eu<http://cartomundi.eu/> /
Find / By geographic location – allows to search documents by geographical
location, for any place in the world, and to get their description and their
call numbers in different map libraries. It allows also a very fluent
navigation into several sets of reproductions. You will find about 18 000
references of documents which represent different countries in the world, at
different scales, for different periods.
All the map libraries, apart from their size or their status can participate
to CartoMundi through its shared platform to manage and integrate new data.
>From a simple registration in the directory to the management of the database,
CartoMundi offers three levels of involvement.

Jean-Luc Arnaud
Senior resarcher at CNRS  - Aix-Marseille University
Founder and Head  of CartoMundi
MMSH - 5, rue du Château de l'Horloge, 13 100 Aix-en-Provence
Mail : jlarnaud at mmsh.univ-aix.fr - tel.: + 33 4 42 52 40 47
More information :

CartoMundi is supported by : Région PACA - Département des Bouches-du-Rhône –
Ville de Marseille – Communauté du pays d’Aix
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GEDE Mátyás
ELTE Térképtudományi és Geoinformatikai Tanszék, Budapest

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