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Subject: [geovis] Funded Ph.D. Position in Collaborative Geovisual Analytics

We are seeking candidates interested in pursuing doctoral research in the
domain of geovisual analytics, with a specific focus on the design,
development, and study of geovisual analytics tools that support collaborative
input, exploration, and analysis of small-scale fisheries data. This research
will occur as part of large international interdisciplinary research project
titled "Too Big To Ignore: Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries Research".

Although the specific analysis context is fixed (support for collaborative
work with fisheries data), many other aspects of this research are open and
flexible. Options include exploring collaborative geovisual analytics as a
distributed web-based environment, in a collaborative table-top setting, or
using mobile devices. Specific details and goals for the research will be
crafted based on the skill set and research interests of the successful candidate.

For this position, we are seeking candidates that meet one or more of the
following requirements: 
(1) completed thesis-based Master's degree in Computer Science (or
Geography/Geomatics or related disciplines, with a strong Computer Science
(2) prior research experience or a strong research interest in geovisual
analytics, GIS, or information visualization
(3) prior experience or interest in fisheries and fisheries data analysis
(4) superior oral and written communication skills in English

The successful candidate will conduct research under the supervision of Dr.
Orland Hoeber at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. In addition,
Dr. Rodolphe Devillers (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) will
serve as a co-supervisor for the research and Dr. Ellen Hines (San Francisco
State University, USA) will serve on the supervisory committee. For more
information on Dr. Hoeber's research, the University of Regina, or the city of
Regina, Saskatchewan, please consult the following links:


Four years of cost-of-living funding has been reserved for the successful
candidate for this position. Additional funding opportunities are available in
the form of teaching assistantships, sessional instruction appointments, and
other scholarships.

We are planning for the successful candidate to start in September 2013.
Interested parties should contact Dr. Hoeber (orland.hoeber at uregina.ca) prior
to March 1, 2013 to receive full consideration for this position. Discussions
and selections will be made early in March, and the successful candidate will
then be instructed to apply to the graduate program at the University of Regina.

Dr. Orland Hoeber
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Regina
orland.hoeber at uregina.ca
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