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Subject: [geovis] PhD opportunity at giCentre at City University London

The giCentre at City University London has research interests in 
information visualisation design, application and theory to support 
exploratory data analysis, visual analytics and the dissemination of 
information. We specialise in data and analyses that have geographical and 
temporal components.

City University London is offering studentships for 3-year full-time PhD 
candidates. Successful candidates will have tuition fees paid and a 
tax-free bursary that will cover living costs.

This university-wide scheme is very competitive, so we are looking for 
particularly able candidates with strong proposals for research. Contact 
us with your initial proposal by 15th February and we can provide feedback 
before the university submission deadline of 1st March. See 
http://gicentre.org/ for more details.

Prof Jo Wood
Prof Jason Dykes
Dr Aidan Slingsby

giCentre, School of Informatics,
City University London
gicentre at soi.city.ac.uk
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