[Hallgato] Egyetemi álláslehetőség (Melbourne, Ausztrália)

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2013. Dec. 19., Cs, 12:20:40 CET

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At the University of Melbourne, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, a 
position is open for a Lecturer in Spatial Information.  We are looking for 
an ambitious candidate to join one of the world-leading teams in spatial 
information on a continuing basis.

You will work as an academic somewhere within sensing, collecting, 
modelling, interpreting or communicating spatial information. Your 
specialisation is expected to complement the current team's expertise. 
Suitable areas could be, for example, information from imaging sensors, data 
analytics, or urban informatics. You will contribute to the team's research 
impact and broaden its appeal in terms of industry engagement.

The responsibilities of the position will include the development and 
delivery of successful undergraduate and graduate teaching subjects and 
making a significant contribution to the research activities of the 
department, including supervision of research higher degree students.

More details can be found here: 

Application deadline is 31 January 2014.

In addition, I am happy to answer questions.

Kind regards,

Stephan Winter

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stephan Winter
Discipline Leader, Geomatics
Department of Infrastructure Engineering
Melbourne School of Engineeering
The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia

T: +61 3 8344 7875 | F: +61 3 8344 6215 | W: www.ie.unimelb.edu.au, 

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