[Hallgato] Fw: [geovis] Seven open positions at St Andrews: 4 lectureships, 2 postdocs (geovisual analytics & geoinformatics) and 1 PhD

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2012. Nov. 8., Cs, 19:48:25 CET

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Subject: [geovis] Seven open positions at St Andrews: 4 lectureships, 2
postdocs (geovisual analytics & geoinformatics) and 1 PhD

Dear colleague,

at the Centre for Geoinformatics we have the following open positions
(note some new ones since my message last week):

1. Lectureship in Geoinformatics, permanent position, application DL
21 Dec 2012:

2. Postdoctoral researcher in Geoinformatics, preferably Visual
Three year fixed post, application DL 7 Dec 2012

3. Postdoctoral researcher in Geoinformatics
Two year fixed post, application DL 21 Dec 2012

4. PhD studentship in Geoinformatics (UK-based students only)
Three-year studentship, application DL 23 Nov 2012

I would appreciate if you could, please, forward this message to any
potential candidates.

In addition, there are also three lectureships open at the Department
of Geography & Sustainable Development in which CGI is located:

1. Two lectureships in Environmental Geography

2. Lectureship in Human Geography

Apologies for cross-posting and repeated announcements, but new
opportunities keep appearing and we'd like to let you know about the
exiciting chance of developing and firmly establishing Geoinformatics
at St Andrews.

Best regards,
Urska Demsar.

Dr. Urska Demsar
Centre for GeoInformatics
School of Geography & Geosciences
University of St Andrews
North Street, St Andrews
KY16 9AL Fife, Scotland, UK
urska.demsar at st-andrews.ac.uk
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