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Hi everyone,

Perhaps of interest to some of you or your students. Mark does lots of 
very interesting things (you may know blogs from him; floating sheep, zero 


ps. Apologies for cross-posting.

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Hi Arzu,

I was wondering if you might help me with sharing a job that I am hiring for 
with any relevant people or lists? 

Thanks in advance...


We are hiring a part-time Research Assistant to carry out research
into the geography and social structure of Wikipedia in the Middle
East and North Africa through large-scale data analysis. The position
will involve the analysis of the corpus of Wikipedia text, user-pages
and history files and the use of statistical techniques to explain
spatial and social patterns. Our research question focuses on patterns
of representation on Wikipedia as well as an articulation of patterns
of conflict and barriers to participation.

The successful candidate will manage and perform queries on a large
database, statistically and geographically analyse and visualise
results, explore alternate methods to answer the project's core
research questions, and assist in writing academic papers and
technical reports.

Essential attributes:
[UTF-8?]• A graduate degree or postgraduate training in quantitative social
science. Preference will be given to candidates in geography or
[UTF-8?]• Experience with statistical modeling, particularly regression
[UTF-8?]• Experience working with databases and large datasets (i.e. N > 1
[UTF-8?]• Familiarity with GIS software;
[UTF-8?]• Familiarity with social network analysis software;
[UTF-8?]• Ability to work autonomously and be creative in the ways that you
answer research questions.

Desirable attributes:
[UTF-8?]• Experience visualising statistical, social networks and geographic
[UTF-8?]• Experience with text mining;
[UTF-8?]• Experience writing for an academic audience (i.e. journal articles
and book chapters);
[UTF-8?]• Interest in and enthusiasm for the work of the OII;
[UTF-8?]• Experience working with publicly available secondary datasets.

The deadline for applications is June 1. Please get in touch if you
have any questions.

Link to apply is here:

Links to our relevant Wikipedia projects:

Mark Graham, Ph.D.
Research Fellow

Oxford Internet Institute
University of Oxford
1 St Giles
Oxford OX1 3JS
United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0) 1865 287 203
Fax +44 (0) 1865 287 211
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