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Open Competitions:

- Ideas Challenge: The best market-oriented business idea related to GMES
will win EUR 10,000 and the chance to enter the incubation programme at one
of the six ESA BICs – an additional EUR 60,000 value.

- ESA App Challenge: This challenge will give the entrant behind the most
innovative smartphone app based on the use of GMES Earth observation data
the opportunity to begin incubation at one of the six ESA BIC facilities in
Europe (a EUR 60,000 value).

- DLR Environmental Challenge: The winner of this challenge will receive
technical support in realising the best GMES application idea in the field
of environment and energy.

- T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge: This challenge’s prize package
includes support in implementing the best idea for using the cloud computing
model “infrastructure-as-a-service” (IaaS) to provide access to Earth
observation data through a user-oriented web portal or mobile devices.

- European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge: Whoever submits the best
application idea based on the use of high-resolution Earth observation data
will receive a data package worth EUR 20,000.

- Astrium Radar Challenge: Innovative ideas for using radar data that
clearly offer more added value than current applications will have the
chance to take home a data package worth EUR 25,000.

- Best Service Challenge: Visitors to the GMES Masters website will
determine the winning idea of this challenge, which will be awarded Earth
observation data worth EUR 40,000 from the European Commission. The best
existing services will also receive marketing support.

The competition’s overall winner, the GMES Master, will be selected from
among the winners of the above mentioned individual challenges (excluding
the Best Service Challenge) and will receive an additional EUR 20,000 in
cash, as well as data worth EUR 60,000.

More info at: www.gmes-masters.com/
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