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Subject: [geovis] Research Position: Mapping the Geographies of the Internet,
Oxford Internet Institute

The Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford are hiring a
full-time Researcher to work with Dr. Mark Graham on a project to study
and map the Geographies of the Internet.


This is an exciting role in which the researcher will both gather and
analyse a range of Internet-related data and develop innovative and
beautiful ways to visualise them.

It is important to understand who produces and reproduces, who has
access to, and who and where are represented by information in our
contemporary knowledge economy. Building on existing work conducted at
the Oxford Internet Institute, this project proposes a comprehensive
mapping of contemporary geographies of the Internet using both primary
and secondary data (examples of data that we propose to map include
geographies of academic journals, intellectual property imports vs.
exports, patents, Wikipedia edits and contributions, networks of Twitter
mentions and followers, Facebook users, information takedown requests,
contested articles in Wikipedia, content indexed in Google etc.).

Candidates should have a keen interest in the geographies of the
Internet, a passion for visualising and disseminating results, and an
exemplary record of creative activity or scholarly research. The
successful applicant will demonstrate an ability to collect online data
with scripting tools, analyse large datasets with GIS tools, and
visualise results in both static and interactive formats.

The OII welcome applications from candidates who are additionally keen
to design a future research programme in Internet Geographies in order
to extend the position. The position is available immediately for 12
months in the first instance, with the possibility of renewal thereafter
funding permitting. The deadline for applications is Jan 9.

For more details see the related job description and selection criteria:
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