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2012. Dec. 3., H, 14:14:20 CET

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Subject: [geovis] postdoc in information visualisation / geovisual analytics

Dear colleagues,

we still have several jobs open at the Centre for Geoinformatics (2
postdocs and 2 lectureships):

In particular, I am looking for a postdoc in information visualisation
/ geovisual analytics, to work with me on projects involving
trajectory analysis and visualisation and evaluation of user
interfaces using contemporary displays (e.g. touchtables / multi-user

This is a 3-year post, to start as soon as possible. Deadline for
application is this Friday, 7 Dec 2012.

More info:

Best regards,
Urska Demsar.

Dr. Urska Demsar
Centre for GeoInformatics
School of Geography & Geosciences
University of St Andrews
North Street, St Andrews
KY16 9AL Fife, Scotland, UK
urska.demsar at st-andrews.ac.uk
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GEDE Mátyás
ELTE Térképtudományi és Geoinformatikai Tanszék, Budapest

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