Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2017)

XII. 31. Kiss Tünde, map librarian left the department.
XII. 18. A joint Scientific session was organized by the Academy, the Department of Physical Geography of ELTE and the Geographical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to remember Zámbó László, geographer and karst researcher. The Department was represented by Márton Mátyás and Jesús Reyes Nuñez.
XII. 14. At the departmental conference of student researchers, Pál Márton, first year MSc student presented his essay, "Geotouristic survey of the Csopak area" under the supervision of Albert Gáspár.
XII. 6. Santa Claus entertainment of first year MSc students.
XII. 1–3. On the invitation of the Algerian Ministry of Education, Zentai László participated in a seminar on school atlases. He gave a presentation, “ICA contribution to atlas production and Hungarian experiences”. The presenters of the seminar were received by the head of the Algerian National Ministry of Education, Dr. Nouria Benghabrit.
XII. 1. Scientific Day of Cartography in the Hungarian Academy.
XI. 30. Open Day at the Faculty of Informatics.
XI. 26–29. Reyes Nunez José Jesús, associate professor of the Department, visited the University of the United Arab Emirates on the invitation of Dr. Naeema Al Hosani, head of the Department of Geography and Town Planning. He also visited, as part of the programme, Abu Dhabi, where met the head of SDI in the mayor’s office and the head of the Office of Planning and Strategy. He participated in the GIS Day in the university, where he had a presentation, "Web-based map services for Geography teaching in Elementary and Secondary Schools".
XI. 1.– Ungvári Zsuzsanna is appointed assistant professor.
X. 25–28. Commission on Teaching Geography of the IGU held its symposium in Lisbon with the motto, "Integrating Knowledge and Understanding in Geography Education". The Department was represented by Jesús Reyes, who gave a paper, "Map-based collaboration to improve Geography teaching" prepared jointly with Kiss Judit MSc student.
X. 4. Arnold M. Hougham and Stewart Wyseman representing the Canadian firm, PCI Geomatica presented the Geomatica software for the Department.
IX. 29. Night of Researchers. Programmes by the Department: Prepare our own globe! and Find your way!
IX. 10–17. Gercsák Gábor participated in the meeting of four IGU commissions organized by the Romanian Academy in Bucharest. He gave a joint paper by Horváth Gergely (ELTE, Faculty of Science) on the geographical and cultural values of caves cut into tuffs and rocks in Northern Hungary.
IX. 20. Eötvös 5 km. Participants from the department: Gede Mátyás, Irás Krisztina, Mészáros János, Zentai László.
IX. 20. Orienteering race at the campus. Participants from the department: Gede Mátyás, Ungvári Zsuzsanna.
IX. 11. Incoming Erasmus students from Universidad del País Vasco, Spain: Irati Dorronsoro Aguirrezabal and Ana Azanza Gil.
IX. 7. White patches from the workshop of science. 10th conference on the history of science in Érd, organized by the Hungarian Geographical Museum. Gercsák Gábor gave a paper: How to refer to Hungarian place-names in English.
IX. 1. 2017/2018 Scholarship of New National Excellence Programme awarded to our students Vörös Fanni (MSc), Gerzsenyi Dávid (MSc) and Szigeti Csaba (PhD student).
Gerzsenyi Dávid also received the national higher education scholarship.
VIII. 31. Dr. Mészáros János, assistant professor leaves the department, but contributes to the training of cartographers as an external lecturer.
VIII. 1– Zentai László acts as vice-rector for academic affairs in the next four years too.
Gercsák Gábor acts as vice-dean for international affairs in the next five years.
VII. 17–21. Summer university course in Olomouc, Czechia organized by the Department of Geoinformatics of Palacký University. Other participating institutions: Department of Geography, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (Slovakia), a Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography, University of Wrocław (Poland), and the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics of ELTE. Our participating teachers: Irás Krisztina (assistant professor) and Reyes Nunez José Jesús (associate professor). There were 33 international students altogether, of which ten came from ELTE.
The topics were as follows: data processing, building databases, data analysis, geovisualization. Irás Krisztina presented how maps are made by using ArcGIS Desktop; Jesús Reyes presented interactive web shows (“storymaps”) by using ArcGIS Online.

Our participating students:

  • MSc level: Aguera Márk, Balázs Éva, Gerzsenyi Dávid, Horváth Attila, Kiss Veronika, Kocsis Viktória
  • MSc level in English: Ahmed Adwan
  • PhD sstudents: Barancsuk Ádám, Darányi Nikoletta, Szigeti Csaba
VII. 2–7. ICC2017 conference in Washington. Participants from the Department: Albert Gáspár, Gede Mátyás, Jesús Reyes, Zentai László and Szigeti Csaba (PhD student). Papers and posters by the Department:
  • Albert G.: How hard is it to design maps for beginners, intermediates and experts? (presentation)
  • Gede M.: Using Cesium for 3D Thematic Visualisations on the Web (presentation)
  • Gede M., Farbinger Anna: Displaying annotations for digitised globes (presentation)
  • Gede M., Hargitai H.: An Online Planetary Exploration Tool: “Country Movers” (presentation)
  • Hegedüs Ábel–Zentai L.: Adventures of a world atlas – History of the publication of the Debes Atlas in Hungary (presentation)
  • Kerkovits K., Gede M.: Web-based Decision Support System for Choosing the Appropriate Map Projection (poster)
  • Klinghammer I. – Reyes J.: Brief retrospection on Hungarian School Atlases (presentation)
  • Pődör Andrea–Zentai L.: Educational aspects of crowdsourced noise mapping (presentation)
  • Szigeti Cs.: On the Way to Create Individualized Cartographic Images for Online Maps Using Free and Open Source Tools (poster)
  • Zentai L.: The evolution of printing technologies in the development of orienteering maps (presentation)
Sections chairs:
  • Gede Mátyás: Cartographic Heritage into the Digital Cartoheritage on the Web VII. 5.
  • Gede Mátyás: Planetary Cartography Craters and Projections VII. 6.
  • Jesús Reyes: Cartography and Children Children’s mental thinking VII. 4.
  • Zentai László: Education and training University educational programs VII. 5.
  • Zentai László: History of cartography Historic maps of Africa VII. 4.
Jesús Reyes was a member of the jury on Barbara Petchenik children’s drawing competition. (VII. 6.)
VI. 28. – VII.1. ICC2017 Pre-Conference Workshops. Participants from the Departments:
ICC Joint Pre-Conference Workshop: Charting the Cosmos of Cartography: History – Names – Atlases, VI. 28-30.
Zentai L.: Transformation of relief representation from hachures to contour lines on the topographic maps in Hungary (presentation)

ICC Pre-Conference Workshop: Mapping Tools for Non-Mapping Experts:
Incorporating Geospatial Visualization Tools in Libraries. VII. 1. Participant: Gede Mátyás

ICC Pre-Conference Workshop: Different fields – one cartography, VII. 1.
Reyes J.: An old Hungarian School Atlas (presentation)

ICC Pre-Conference Workshop: Generalisation & Multiple Representation
Participants: Albert Gáspár, Szigeti Csaba

VII. 3. State exam of MSc students.
VI. 26–27. State exam of BSc students.
VI. 21. Klinghammer István became an honorary citizen of Budapest.
VI. 20. PhD defence of Ungvári Zsuzsanna.
VI. 9–11. Publication of Archaeology of place names I., a book of Faragó Imre by the Fríg Publishers.
VI. 7. Annual research reports by the PhD students.
V. 30–31. Gercsák Gábor took part in a conference, From language geography to place names geography in Kolozsvár / Cluj-Napoca, organized by the Museum Society of Transylvania, Babeş–Bolyai University and ELTE. His paper: Changing attitude of naming the geographical regions of Hungary (1945–2015).
V. 25–26. 8th GIS Conference and Exhibition in Debrecen. papers from the Department:
  • Irás Krisztina: Training cartographers-information specialists at ELTE
  • Mészáros János – Fellegi Máté: Analysis of the orientation accuracy of remotely sensed images taken by drones
  • Mészáros János – Pánya István – Petkes Zsolt – Szücsi Frigyes: GIS and photogrammetry in archaeology
  • Grüll Judit ‒ Mészáros János ‒ Pörneczi Attila: First experiments of surveying agricultural lands by multispectral cameras
  • Ungvári Zsuzsanna: Teaching GIS to MSc students of informatics
  • Balogh Dániel (MSc student) – Gede Mátyás: 3D thematic visualizations by QGIS and Cesium
  • Harsányi Melinda (PhD student) – Kovács Iván: Concept of the National GIS base map
  • Szabó Renáta (former PhD student): Maps of maritime shipping in the past and now
  • Szűcs Kálmán – Cseh-Szombathy Péter– Torma Viktor – Szlovák Gergely (BSc student) – Déri Ferenc: GIS data flow in a forestry classification system
V. 11. ELTE Eötvös 5 km race on the campus. Competitors from the Department: Gede Mátyás, Irás Krisztina, Ungvári Zsuzsanna, Zentai László.
V. 10–11. Nikolas Prechtel, a teacher from the Techncical University of Dresden, gave a two-day training with the title, “Python Application Programming for ArcMap”.
V. 10. Orienteering competition on the campus.Competitors from the Department: Albert Gáspár, Gede Mátyás, Ungvári Zsuzsanna, Zentai László.
V. 2. PhD defence by Simó Benedek
IV. 27–28. Török Zsolt gave a paper at the Dimension Conference 2017 – Geographical and historical approach to the history of travels and professional travellers at the Facukty of Humanities of ELTE. His paper: “Cartographic representation of travels”.
IV. 27. Neumann Day at the Faculty of Informatics. Jesús Reyes and Albert Gáspár were awarded “Outstanding Teacher of the Faculty”.
IV. 26–28. Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage conference in Venice. Papers from the Department:
Zentai László: A crypto-cartophilatelist’s thoughts on cartographic heritage. (presentation)
Gede Mátyás–Ungvári Zsuzsanna–Nagy Gábor: Assessing the accuracy of photogrammetric reconstruction by comparison to laser scanned data. (presentation)
Sarin P.–N. Ulugtekin–R.N. Celik–Gede M.: Database of maps in Turkish journals. (presentation) Gede Mátyás was a chair of a section.
IV. 23–28. EGU 2017 (European Geosciences Union General Assembly) conference in Vienna. Participants from the Department:
Albert Gáspár–Szentpéteri Krisztián: GIS-based Stress Field Modeling of the North Arm of Sulawesi (NAoS) and its application in mineral prospectivity assessment.
Gerzsenyi Dávid–Albert Gáspár: Landslide susceptibility estimations in the Gerecse hills (Hungary). Poster.
Gábor Illés–Agus Kristijono–Norbert Pfeifer–László Pásztor–Ari Shandhyavitri–Gábor Szatmári–Sigit Sutikno–Gábor Molnár–Péter László–Mátyás Árvai–János Mészáros–Sándor Koós–Zsófia Bakacsi–Katalin Takács–Géza Király–Balázs Székely: Development of a multidisciplinary method for mapping spatial extent and C-content of tropical ombrotrophic peatlands. Poster.
Fanni Vörös–Dávid Karátson–Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries–Zsófia Koma–Balázs Székely: Geomorphometric analysis of the scoria cones of the Chaîne des Puys.
IV. 20–21. The Group of Contemporary History of the Mika Sándor Society organized seminar with the Department: Ethnic maps in the shadow of Trianon – Past, present and future of ethnic mapping”. Patron of the event: Klinghammer István. Programme head: Török Zsolt, who gave a paper, “Directions, forums and potentials of international research of cartographic history”.
IV. 20–28. Jesús Reyes gave classes on “Soluções atuais na geovisualização de dados” (Current solutions in the geovisualization of data) for the students of geography at the University of Porto. On 27 April, he participated in the conference of GETUP, with the topic “Let us talk about teaching geography”. He gave a paper, “Cartografía para niños: actividades y proyectos” (Cartography for Children: activities and projects).
IV. 13. Publication of Szélrózsa (Compass-dial), 15th volume of Studia Cartologica for the 75th birthday of Klinghammer István.
IV. 10–13. 33rd national conference of student research. Our students participating in the section Physics, Earth Sciences and Mathematics:
Vörös Fanni, 1st place winner and special award. Geomorphometric analysis of cones of volcanic scoria by SRTM and LiDAR data. Supervisor: Székely Balázs.
Gerzsenyi Dávid, 3rd place winner. Locating slopes susceptible to landslides in the Gerecse Mountains on the basis of experimental variables. Supervisor: Albert Gáspár.
IV. 13. PhD defence of Zsoldi Katalin
IV. 6-7. Gercsák Gábor gave a paper, „The use of exonyms in present-day Hungary” at the meeting of the UN Group of Experts on Geographical Names in Prague.
III. 21-23. Vörös Fanni, BSc student, finished on third place with her paper, "The application of polar coordinate transformation on the cinder cones of San Francisco Volcanic Field" in the BSc ssection of the GISÁČEK 2017 conference and competition held in the Czech town, Ostrava, 21-23 March.
III. 22. Zentai László gave a paper, „The evolution of cartographic visualization” on the Day of European Surveying and Geoinformatics.
III. 17. Beautiful Hungarian Map 2016. Announcement of results and opening of the exhibition in the Map Room of the National Széchényi Library.
III. 13. – VI.8. Marcos Sala, PhD student of the Earth Sciences Institute of São Paulo State University researches in the department. His topic: „Making and using geomorphological maps in teaching relief forms in elementary and secondary schools”.
III. 2-3. The European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) hold its annual confference in Amsterdam. Jesús Reyes represented the department with a paper, „How do children represent the world on their maps?” in the "Primary teaching and training" section. Dékány Krisztina, PhD student gave a paper, "Geoinformatics in education during lessons" in the "GIS & Cartography 1" section.
II. 13-15. The executive committee of the ICA held its meeting at the department.
II. 6. The Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training of the National University of Public Service organized a contest for students on the occasion of the Cartographic Day of the Hungarian Military Mapping.
    Our teams were as follows:
  • Hetedik emelet: Szántó Henriett, Takáts Tünde, Vörös Fanni, Luzsi Péter és Pál Márton (BSc Students);
  • KARESZ és a haverok: Barancsuk Ádám doktorandusz, Kiss Judit és Miklós Klaudia (MSc student of cartography), Nagy József és Visontai Flóra (MSc students of geography and geophysics);
  • Tréképészek: Kiss Veronika Flóra, Kocsis Viktória, Eszényi Krisztián, Gebei László és Horváth Attila (MSc students of cartography);
  • Geonauták: Huszánk Gabriella, Szabó Enikő, Bugyi Dávid, Eigner Péter és Markó Dániel (BSc students of cartography).

The Tréképészek team reached first place, the KARESZ és a haverok team reached second place.
II. 3. PhD defence of Gulyás Zoltán
II-VI. Our Erasmus exchange student: Augera Márk, Tartu
I. 31. BSc final exams
I. 27. Open Day at the Faculty of Sciences
I. 26. Open Day at the Faculty of Informatics

I. 1.

Zentai László was appointed Vice-rector for Education of the university. Gercsák Gábor was appointed Vice-dean for international relations at the Faculty of Informatics.

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