Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2009)

XII. 18. Papp Éva PhD (Australian National University, Papp Geophysical Services) gives a paper at the Department, "Geophysics in shallow water exploration - the Australian experience"
XII. 17. Conference on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Prof. Detrekői Ákos at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Klinghammer István gives a paper, "The beginnings of thematic cartography"
XII. 11. Undergraduate student research – presentation at the Department:
Zsoldi Katalin: The high days of Russian cartography (Introduction and to and description of Russian cartography in the 18th century). Supervisor: Török Zsolt
Ungvári Zsuzsanna: Making globes by digital transformation of projections. Supervisor: Gede Mátyás
XII. 10. Lázár Colloquium
Márton Mátyás: On the maps of Reguly 190 years after his birth
Turczi Vanda: Cartographic testing of the European Flood Directive on the Midle Loire and Cher Rivers
XII. 7. Colonel Buga László, invited lecturer of the Department, received the title honorary associate professor from the rector of the university

XI. 27.

Zentai László gives a paper in Curitiba, Brazil at the UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paraná).
The title of his paper: Cartography, webcartography = cartography 2.0?

XI. 25-27.

Zentai László gives a three-day map revision training in Curitiba, Brazil organized by the IOF (International Orienteering Federation) and CBO (Confederação Brasileira de Orientação).

XI. 20.

Scientific session in the Bocskai István Secondary School in Szerencs organized to honour the 75 year old Prof. Frisnyák Sándor. A paper was given by Klinghammer István, academician: "The history of thematic cartography"

XI. 19.

Open Day at the Faculty of Informatics of the university. Papers from the Department:
Kovács Béla: GPS games
Mészáros János: Computer game with "blind" maps (Blind Mouse)
Ungvári Zsuzsanna: Virtual Globes Museum

XI. 19.

Vesta-GIS workshop in Székesfehérvár in the Land Management and Geoinformation Knowledge Centre of the Faculty of Geoinformatics of the West Hungarian University.
Elek István gave a paper: Geoinformatics in research and education at the Faculty of Informatics of Eötvös Loránd University.

XI. 18.

Memorial meeting of the Geoinformation Service of the Hungarian Army and the Non-profit Cartographic Company of the Ministry of Defence on the occasion of completing the 1 : 25 000 military topographic mapping (1952--1959) 50 years ago. Engineer colonel Tóth László (head of MH GEOSZ) and Engineer colonel Buga László (managing director) emphasized the importance of the survey and remembered the participants of the topographic mapping.
Klinghammer István academician gave a paper, " The history of ma-making in Hungary".

XI. 15-21.

24the International Conference of Cartographers in Santiago de Chile.
Participants from the Department: Gede Mátyás, Jesus Reyes, Zentai László.
Gede Mátyás: The Projection Aspects of Digitizing Globes
Jose Jesus Reyes Nunez: Ideas For the Use of Chernoff Faces in School Cartography
Márton Mátyás: Virtual Globes Museum - a Tool for Safeguarding, Communicating and Teaching Cultural Heritage
Zentai László: Change Of The Meaning Of The Term cartographer In The Last Ten Years
Zentai László: Maps For Different Forms Of Orienteering
Jose Jesus Reyes Nunez: Cartograms for the presentation of Hungarian statistical data (poster)

XI. 13.

„The Week of Science in the College of Dunaújváros – Interdisciplinary conference to honour the Day of Hungarian Science and the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009". Prof. Márton Mátyás gave a presentation, "on the research projects at the Department, "Virtual Globes Museum"”.

XI. 12-13.

Fény-Tér-Kép (Light–Space–Image) conference in Dobogókő.
Participants and presenters from the Department: Elek István, Mészáros János (PhD student).
Mészáros János – Timár Gábor: The coordinate system and georeferencing of river regulations (Danube mapping, Lányi Sámuel's maps of the Tisza River.
Elek István – Giachetta Roberto – Máriás Zsigmond: Developing a digital map library at ELTE

XI. 9.

World Day of Geoinformatics organized by the Department

XI. 5.

Habilitation of Elek István

XI. 4-5.

International conference: Radó Sándor was born 110 years ago. Papers given by the Department:
Klinghammer István: Professional foreword
Zentai László: Radó Sándor's role in the organizations of ICA and UN
Török Zsolt Győző: Radó Sándor and his workers' atlases
Gercsák Gábor: Radó Sándor in Geneva

XI. 1. Lenkei Ákos, PhD student got a three-months CEEPUS scholarship to Olomouc

X. 16.

Márton Mátyás and Jesús Reyes represented the Department at the conference, "Changing Earth, changing society, changing learning" organized by the Department of Geography of Eszterházy Károly College in Eger. In the section, „New ways of learning – new tools in geography education”, they gave presentations: „Popularizing cartography in Hungarian” (Jesús Reyes) and „Virtual Globes Museum – a tool available by Internet" (Márton Mátyás)

X. 11-23.

Visit to the Department by Ana María Garra (teacher of the „Septimio Wlash” Catholic University, secretary of the Argentinean Cartographic Centre) in the framework of an intergovernmental agreement on science and technology. She had consultations on the joint projects with the Hungarian partners and attended the central event of the International Day of White Stake organized in the office of the Hungarian Association of Blind and Visually Handicapped. Here, Rohonczi Anita, a project partner, presented her school atlas prepared for the visually handicapped.

X. 6. The staff of the Department gives several papers at the workshop on the Kiepert globes in the University Library of the University of Szeged:
Klinghammer István: The history of globe making in Hungary
Török Zsolt: Globes at a glance – an overview of the international history of globes
Márton Mátyás: Kiepert globes in the Virtual Globes Museum
Gede Mátyás: The technological background of digitizing globes

X. 1-30.

Miklós Réka and Groos Boróka, first year MSc students of tourism and regional development at the Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) spend several weeks in the autumn semester of the 2009/2010 academic year at the Department supported by the ministerial scholarship of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture and Balassi Institute. Their supervisor: Török Zsolt.

IX. 29. 5vös 5 km run race
IX. 25. Open Day at the Faculty of Science and The Night of Scientists
IX. 15. Our first student, Hajdu Tamás goes to study in Vienna with a CEEPUS grant.
IX. 10. Foreign Erasmus students arrive at the Department. Adriana Cuesta (University of the Basque Country, Spain) will spend one semester here, while Monica Macedo Santos (University of Minho, Portugal) will stay with us for two semesters.
IX. 1. Györffy János was appointed Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Informatics.
Márton Mátyás received the appointment of professor by Sólyom László, president of Hungary.
VIII. 18. Gercsák Gábor and Márton Mátyás represented the Department at the meeting of Hungarian and Slovakian experts on the preparation of a project on the study of the water basin of the Ipoly river.
Zentai László opened the exhibition, "The History of Orienteering and Maps in Miskolc and in the Region" in the University of Miskolc. The exhibition was organized by Hegedüs Ábel and Bánfi Róbert, researchers (cartographers by training) of the MoD Institute and Museum of Military History.

VII. 12-17. Török Zsolt represented the Department at the 23rd International Conference on the History of Cartography in Copenhagen
VI. 29-30. MSc state exams
VI. 22-26. BSc state exams
VI. 15. Prof. Klinghammer István was elected chairman of the Economic Council of the university
VI. 9-10. Zentai László participated in the ceremonial meeting of the International Cartographical Association in Berne held on the occasion its founding 50 years ago.
VI. 5. Török Zsolt gave the Malcolm Young paper, “Francesco Rosselli and Early Map Printing” in the East India Club at the annual meeting of the International Map Collectors’ Society (IMCoS) in London. He was invited by the Society.
Török Zsolt received the Helen Wallis Award of 2009 of the International Map Collectors’ Society (IMCoS) in London.
VI. 4. Uriel Elzegua, an Erasmus exchange student from the Basque University defended his degree thesis, “Making thematic maps in MapInfo: Human heritage in the European Union”
V. 25. María Luisa Palanques Salmerón, a teacher from the Basque University, gave a paper at the department, "Research project for the digital inventory of the old maps of Alava county " (Proyecto de investigacion para el inventario de la cartografia historica de Alava)
V. 21. Ringhofer János, honorary associate professor of the Department, passed away.
V. 12-21. Zentai László, held a one-week workshop in Tehran organized by the Commission on Education and Training of the ICA and the National Cartographic Center of Iran. His co-teacher was Guszlev Antal, a former student and PhD student of the Department.
V. 7. Faculty Research Award to the Cartographic University Research Team: Dr. Elek István associate professor, Dr. Fekete István associate professor, Dezső Balázs PhD student, Gede Mátyás assistant professor, Giachetta Roberto research student, Máriás Zsigmond PhD student, Dr. Márton Mátyás associate professor, Szendrei Rudolf PhD student
V. 5. 5vös 5 km race
IV. 30. Temenoujka Bandrova, a teacher from the Department of Cartography and Photogrammetry, University of Construction and Geodesy, Sofia, gave a paper, “Cartographic Visualization of Natural Risks and Disasters". The Department also hosted Milan Konecny, the former vice-president of the International Cartographical Association.

IV. 24-25.

Descriptio Transylvaniae conference in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár):
Papers given by the departmental staff:
Török Zsolt: Johannes Honter: the Cosmography of a Transylvanian Humanist
Zentai László: The Cartographic Relief Depiction of the Transylvanian Sheets of the 1: 50 000 Scale Military Survey (1940-1944)
Jesús Reyes: The Perception of the World in Maps Made by Hungarian Children
Gercsák Gábor: Pál Teleki in the Mosul Commission
Márton Mátyás: Kogutowicz’s Globes in the Virtual Globes Museum, Budapest - The Kolozsvár connection
Kovács Béla: History of the GNSS (from GPS to GALILEO)

IV. 8.

National Undergraduate Research Conference in Szombathely. In the Section of Physics, Earth Sciences and Mathematics, Tóth Bettina-Való Adrienn’s paper, “Geoinformatics in the service of safeguarding the cultural heritage (The database of geographical names of old maps)” was awarded the 7th place, while the paper by Lukovszki Viktor-Kovács Gábor, “Web catalogue of maps supported by geoinformatics” received the 4th place and was awarded the special prize of the Hungarian State Geological Institute.

III. 27.

PhD defence by Nemerkényi Zsombor

III. 23-27.

JoséJesús Reyes Nunez visited the Institute of Topography, Geodesy and Mapping of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). He had a class on geovisualization and gave a paper, “Cartografía Temática: desde sus orígenes hasta el presente". His visit was supported by the Erasmus agreement signed by the Department and the UPM. He visited several other institutions (National Institute of Geography, Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Alcalá de Henares) to prepare further cooperation.

III. 20.

Exhibition and Awards of the competition, “Beautiful Hungarian Map”.  
Awards to the Department: First Prize and certificate of merit (Faragó Imre) in the category of tourist maps, and Third Prize in the category of Digital Maps

III. 18.

Török Zsolt opens the exhibition “Waters and Men” in the Danube Museum in Esztergom.

II. 20.

Erasmus Day at the Department

II. 15-17

Central and East European Conference of Cartographers in Vienna. The Department was represented by Gede Mátyás, Kovács Béla, Jesús Reyes, Zentai László, Kovács Gábor - student, Turczi Vanda – PhD student, who gave several papers:

  • Gede Mátyás-Márton Mátyás: Globes on the Web – the Technical Background and the First Items of the Virtual Globes Museum
  • Kovács Béla: The Austro-Hungarian triangulations in the Balkan Peninsula (1853–1875) - poster
  • Kovács Gábor (student of cartography): Structural Lineaments Derived from Planforms of Watercourses in the Second Military Survey of the Habsburg Empire - poster
  • Jesús Reyes: Experiences teaching Digital Cartography at ELTE
  • Simonné Dombóvári Eszter-Gede Mátyás: The Blind Mouse - For Developing and Popularizing Cartographical Skills - poster
  • Zentai László: The effect of the Bologna process on the cartographic courses in the Hungarian higher education
  • Turczi Vanda (PhD student): Harmonisation of thematic maps in the European Union – Setting up of some types of environmental analytical maps

Jesús Reyes and Zentai László participated in the conference also as section chairs and the moderators of panel discussions.

II- Our outgoing Erasmus students: Duna Gábor Dávid, Orléans, France; Hajdu András, Karlsruhe, Germany
Incoming Eramus students: Uriel Elgezua Fernández (Universidad del Pais Vasco/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea)
I. 30. Open Day at the Faculty of Science
I. 27. State exams
I. 19-22. Zentai László participated in the conference, “Early Warning and Disaster Management” in Prague. He gave a paper, "Early warning and emergency management maps of Lake Balaton, Hungary" and participated in the meeting of the ICA Commission on Teaching and Training.
I. 15. David Fraser (RMIT University, Melbourne), chairman of the ICA Commission on Education and Training gave a lecture at the Department with the title, "Research Activities and Mapping Projects in the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences"

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