Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2007)

XI. 20. The first presentation of the University Science Club for Press. Kovács Béla gave a presentation on GPS.
XI. 13. Temenoujka Bandrova's (Sofia, Bulgaria) Erasmus presentation: Bulgarian Cartography: from Paper to Virtual Reality
XI. 12. Milan Konecny, the former President of ICA met with Zentai László and Jesús Reyes in Budapest
X. 30. Ernst Messerschmid German astronaut gave a presentation at our department
X. 27. Handover of Jubilee diplomas (the first cartography students graduated 50 years ago)
X. 2. Zentai László was elected the Vice-Rector of the university (responsible for academic affairs)
IX. 30. Trip of the department staff to the Buda Mountains
IX. 27. Török Zsolt's presentation at the 10th Symposium of the International Coronelli Society: Plastic world: the 212cm-diameter terrestrial globe and commercial globe production in socialist Hungary
IX. 26. Miguel Ángel Calvo, Professor of Basque University visited us in the frame of ERASMUS staff mobilty. Titles of his presentations:
Presentation of Basque Country and the Vitoria University College of Engineering ; PBL: Problem Based Learning Methodology applied to GIS; Theory of geo-conceptualizaton in GIS systems
IX. 24. ERASMUS students arrive from Spain at our department: Amaia Zabala Estiballes and Nerea Hurtado Villalba
IX. Our Erasmus students go abroad: Imre Réka, Nagy Szabolcs (Karlsruhe); Berecz Éva (Ljubljana).
IX. 12. Sebastian Pietrucha (Karlsruhe) spends his Praktiksemester at our department
IX. 1. Our new assistant teacher: Gede Mátyás
VIII. 3-10. 23rd International Cartographic Conference and the General Assembly of the ICA in Moscow (Russia). Jesús Reyes was elected for the chairman of the Commission on Children and Cartography (with co-chairperson Temenoujka Bandrova). We had several presentations.
VII- 8-13. 22nd International Conference on History of Cartography in Berne (Switzerland). Our presentations:
Török Zsolt: With the eye of the Habsburg eagle: the Angielini atlases and the multiple representations of the Habsburg-Ottoman frontier in the late 16th century
Irás Krisztina (Poster): Portolan charts in Hungary: treasures of the National Széchényi Library
VII .1. HAESF Undergraduate Fellowship Grant was awarded to Bolla Péter (cartography student at Saint Mary's University, Minnesota).
V. 31. PhD defend of Mihályi Balázs
V. 19. Klinghammer István' presentation in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania) "The history of the Hungarian cartography".
V. 15-18. Zentai László's presentation at the 16th Polish cartographic school in Wroclaw. His presentation:t "Desktop mapping and GIS in web era"
V. 9-11. Jesús Reyes took part in the EEGECS Network 3rd general assembly (Ghent University, Belgium)
V. 9. 5 km athletic race
V. 4. The 16th presentation of Lázár Kollokvium: Rakk Gyula
IV. 26-28. The 13th International Seminar on the Naming of Seas and East Sea" meeting in Vienna. Presentation of Márton Mátyás and Gercsák Gábor "The naming of seas, maritime features and currents (Examples in English, German and Hungarian)"
IV. 13. The 15th presentation of Lázár Kollokvium: Tímár Gábor
III. 22-23. Török Zsolt is the invited lecturer of the French National Library's "Les grands globes de Coronelli" seminar, the title of his presentation: 'Reduced Giants: the re-construction of the three and a half feet diameter printed Coronelli globe'.
III. 12. Erasmus Open Day at our department. Rosa María Río Belver's presentation from the Basque University.
III. 2. The 14th presentation of Lázár Kollokvium: Elek István and Verebiné Fehér Katalin
II. 1. Our new Associate Professors: Jesús Reyes, Gercsák Gábor.
The 13th presentation of Lázár Kollokvium: Lukács Lilla
II-III. Török Zsolt, our Associate Professor was awarded by the David Woodward Memorial Fellowship 2006-2007 in the Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin- Madison (USA).
II.- Our Erasmus students abroad: Rostetter Magdolna (Karlsruhe), Geréb Péter (Orleans), Balázs Dávid (Vitória-Gasteiz)
I. 23. Final exam of cartography students
I. 19. Open Day of the Faculty of Science
Ringhofer János is an honorary associate professor of our department
I. 4. The 12th presentation of Lázár Kollokvium: Ringhofer János

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