Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2004)

XII. 6-7. Presentation of Pápay Gyula (Rostock) in our department: Application of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in cartography and GIS; Cartography of the Baroque ages
XII. 3-5. Paper selection committee meeting of the 21th International Conference on History of Cartography 2005 in Budapest (organized by Török Zsolt)
XI. 22-30. Carmen Alicia Rey (Cartographic Center of Argentina, Buenos Aires) visited our department. The title of her presentation is Cartography in secondary schools in Argentina
XI. 8-10. Elek István and Jesús Reyes took part on European ESRI User's Conference in Copenhagen
X. 22. Goncalo Maria de Lemos Portugal Diogo Erasmus student from Portugal
X. 1. Our new staff member: Faragó Imre.
IX. 27.- X. 9. Jesús Reyes Nunez visited Buenos Aires (Argentina) in the frame of the bilateral scientific and technogical research (Map reading and map use in secondary school: teaching cartography in Hungary and Argentina).
IX. 12.- Andrea Naß (Fachhochschule Karlsruhe) spends her practic semester on our university.
IX. 1. - 2005. V. 19. Turczi Vanda our cartography student continues her studies on Orleans University (France) on the MSc courses as an Erasmus student.
VIII. 13-15. Jesús Reyes took part on the "Expanding Horizons in a Shrinking World" joint symposium (IGU commission on Geographical Education - ICA Commission on Cartography and Children) in the University of Strathclyde, Faculty of Education, Glasgow. The title of his presentation: "How do Hungarian pupils read thematic maps?"
VII. 29. István Klinghammer opened a Hungarian Map Exhibition in Berlin
VI. 26-30. László Zentai in Vilnius (Lithuania): Cartographic Seminar, CET meeting
VI. 25. Walter Rubitschek, the professor emeritus of Halle University visited our department
VI. 22. Dutkó András PhD exam
VI. 17. The Intergraph Corporation (Graphit Ltd., the Hungarian distributor) has offered software: RRL (Registered Research Laboratory), the total value is 55.000 USD .
VI. 3.
Milan Konecny, the President of ICA visited our department
V. 3. Klinghammer István is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Science
V. 1. Elek István is an assoc. prof. of our department
IV. 24.
Wedding of cartography students: Hollósi Szilvia, Huszár László
IV. 19. Klinghammer István opens the 16-18th centuries printed maps exhibitions in the University Library
IV. 13. Our guests: Prof. Dr. Joachim Neumann (Fachhochschule Karlsruhe) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Mesenburg (Esseni University)
III. 26. Beatiful Hungarian maps 2003, we got two prizes
II. 27. The InterMap Ltd. offers GIS software for our department (4 Mi HUF total value)
II. 19-22. Jesús Reyes takes part on EEGECS meeting in Valencia
II. 13. Annual report of cartography PhD students
I. 28-29. "Location based services & Telecartography" symposium in Vienna. The department was represented by Török Zsolt, Zentai László, Guszlev Antal and Mihályi Balázs. Hungarian presentation: Csemez Gábor-Prajczer Tamás-Zentai László: Obstacle-free mapping services.
I. 23-25. Zentai László take part on the ICA Executive Committee meeting in the Prague

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