Major events of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (2003)

XII. 17.-2004.I.11. Jesus Reyes made some cartographic research in Havana (Cuba)
XII. 4-5. "European Education on Geodetic Engineering, Cartography and Surveying" (EEGECS) Socrates Network "Undergraduate Education" Working Group yearly meeting on our department
XI. 13-16. Klinghammer István took part on the 125 years Anniversary of Karlsruhe High School
XI. 6-7. Jesús Reyes took part on the Conference "Modern technologies, education and professional practice in the globalizing world" in Sofia (Bulgaria). His presentation: "Teaching Digital Cartography at Eötvös Loránd University".
X. 31. Klinghammer István took part on the funeral of Wolfgang Scharfe in Berlin
X. 7. University foot-race
X. 7. Ferjan Ormeling hands over the ICA Honorary Fellowship prize to István Klinghammer
X. 2-11. Gyula Pápay Gyula (Rostock) is a guest professor on our department
X. 2 - X. 30. Erõss Éva-Noémi is a guest student from Gyergyószentmiklós (Transylvania)
X. - 2004. II. Dombóvári Eszter student got the scholarship of Baden-Württemberg for Fachhochschule Karlsruhe Kartographie und Geomatik
IX. 23 - X. 22. Our guest professor is Ferjan Ormeling
IX.1. The new name of our department: Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics.
The department moved to the Faculty of Informatics.
The Vice dean responsible for scientific affairs and foreign connetions is László Zentai.
VIII.10-16. 21st International cartographic Conference, Durban (RSA).
István Klinghammer was honoured by the "Honorary fellowship of ICA".
László Zentai was elected the Chairman of the Commission on Education and Training. He had two presentations in Durban and chaired two session. Jesús Reyes will be the vice chair of the Commission on Children and Cartography. András Dutkó presented their research material in the Commissoin on Marine Cartography.
VIII.2. 10th International Conference on Orienteering Maps (Rapperswil, Switzerland), László Zentai was the organizer as the chairman of the Map Commission.
VIII.1. István Klinghammer started his second period as the Rector of the university
VI. 15-20. Presentations on the 20th International Conference on History of Cartography (Boston/ Portland, USA): Írás Krisztina student and dr. Török Zsolt assoc. prof.
VI. 6. 50th Anniversary of our Department (inner celebration)
V. 29.

Presentations on the 51st German Cartographic Day (Europaforum, Bad Krozingen): Klinghammer István (Stand der Kartographie in den Geowissenschaften am Beispiel von Ungarn), Török Zsolt (Grüne Karten: Tourismus und Naturschutz in Ungarn).

V.15. István Klinghammer was elected for the Vice President of the Hungarian Society for Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing
V.6. Ron Furness (Australia), the chairman of ICA "Marine Cartography" Commission visited our department.
Joao Carlos Garcia, the professor of Porto University (Portugal) shows a presentation on our department.
V.1-5. The Executive Commitee meeting of the International Cartographic Association organized in Budapest by our department
V.2. The Department of Cartography is 50 years old
IV.29. Elek István's visit in Zürich
III.26. We got an Apple-MacIntosh lab (4 computers)
III.21. Exhibition: 475 years the Lázár map
III.18.-IV.30. We received 3 students from Georgheni High School (Transylvania)
III.1. Becker László retired. Our new employee is Elek István.
II.27.-III.1. IMTA Trade Shaw in the Campus area.
II.5-6. The "Multimedia historical CD-ROM of Hungarian and Finnish history" was presented in the Hungarian Institute in Berlin. Klinghammer István represented us.
II.3.-VII.31. One of our student (Máthé Tamás) spend his Erasmus scholarship on Porto University.
I. 22. Mr. Pécsi Márton member of Hungarian Academy of Science died

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