Major events of the Department of Cartography (2001)

XII. 3.
PhD exam of Brezsnyánszky Károly

XI. 27.
Memorial conference on the 150 years anniversary of the great Hungarian cartographer: Kogutowicz Manó

XI. 23-24.
Working meeting of the Multimedia CD-ROM project on Hungarian-Finnish history. Our guests: Holger Fischer (Hamburg), Pápay Gyula (Rostock)

XI. 21.
PhD exam of Elek István

XI. 14.
GIS Open day in our university

XI. 6.
PhD exam of Csató Éva

X. 25.
Presentation of Zentai László and Jesús Reyes on the GIS in higher education conference in Budapest

X. 4.
Presentation of Klinghammer István on 50th German Cartogaphic Days in Bertechsgaden: Die Professionalisierung der Kartographie - Die Ausbildung

IX. 26-30.
The delegation of Fachhochschule Karlsruhe (Prof. Hans Kern and Christina Schneider-Körber) visited us

IX. 11-24.
Zentai László taught short courses in Japan and China on charge of the International Orienteering Federation

IX. 1.-6.
Zentai László took part as a working group leader on Supron Summer School (GIS across boundaries): "Providing GI on natural and cultural heritige, web mapping" (22 students)

IX. 1.
Ferjan Ormeling, the secretary general of ICA visited us in Budapest

VIII. 28.
Orbán Viktor, the Prime Minister of Hungary visited the new Campus of our universiy and our department. Meeting of the government in our Campus.

VIII. 11.
Antal Péter (our 2nd grade student) died in High Tatras due to alpine accident.

VIII. 9.
Presentation of Zentai László on ICA Congress in Beijing (China).

VII. 30.
Zentai László gained the Széchenyi István Grant.

VI. 29.-VII. 3.
Török Zsolt took part on the XIX. International Conference on History of Cartography in Madrid. His presentation: "Exploration or intelligence: László Almásy and the mapping of the Lybian desert before World War II".

VI. 6.
PhD exam of Gábor Turczi

V. 17.
Visit of the Arany János secondary school on our department.

V. 10.
Episodes of the Eötvös day:

V. 2-3.
Presentations of Dr. Joao C. Garcia , the head of the Geographical University, Porto University: "Cartographic view of Brazil in the 18th century", "Maps of SW-Angola in the beginning of the 20th century".

IV. 26-28.
The second working meeting of the EU Culture 2000 project in Budapest. Hungarian participants: Klinghammer István, Zentai László, Márton Mátyás, Gercsák Gábor.

IV. 17-19.
The final of the National Science Group of Students in Pécs. Antal Guszlev won the second prize.

IV. 6-8.
The first meeting of the EU Culture 2000 project in Hamburg University: Multimedia CD-ROM historical atlas of Finland and Hungary.

IV. 8.
klingh0.jpg - 9279 Bytes István Klinghammer István was elected the member of Leopoldina, the German Academy of Science.

III. 20.
Jesús Reyes lecturer got a Hungarian citizenship.

III. 1.-V. 31.
Maigut Vera, PhD student in Karlsruhe Highschool, Germany.

III. 1.
Visit of the "Landscapes, ages, museum" group on our depertment.

I. 27.
Open day on our department

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