Important events of the Department of Cartography (1998)

XI. 19.
Presentation of Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolf Günther Koch (Cartographic Institute, Technical University of Dresden): "Zum Informationswert kombinierter Relativ- Absolutdarstellungen als Kartogramme" on our department.

XI. 4.
Presentation of Török Zsolt in Lissabon: "Voyages on Paper: Early modern representation of the geographical space and the age of the discoveries" on the Man, Voyages and Cultures, International Vasco da Gama Conference

X. 29.
Presentation of Prof. Dr. Kurt Brunner (München, Bundeswehr University, leader of Institute of Photogrammetry and Cartography) on our department: "Expeditionskartographie auf Spitzbergen"

IX. 30.-X. 7.
Klinghammer István and Török Zsolt in Germany:
IX. 30-X. 2. 9. Kartographische Colloquium, Rostock - Török Zs,, poster presentation: László Almásy und seinBeitrag zur Kartierung der östlichen Sahara 1929-1942,
X. 3-7. 9th Symposium of the International Coronelli Society, Berlin - Török Zs. presentation: Practical globe making - the new edition of the 110 cm Coronelli Globe

IX. 15.
Opening ceremony of the exhibiton: Iceland on old maps

IX. 6-8.
A group of Baden-Württemberg region (Germany), Cartographic Association visits us.

VIII. 17.
We are starting to move to the new building.

VIII. 3-28.
ralph.jpg - -578849,0 K Ralph Bartusch, student (Technische Fachhochschule, Berlin) spend 3 weeks in our department.

VII. 13-25.
Jens Heschke German Phd student (Phd consultant Ingrid Kretschmer, Wien) make some research in our department. His topic: The railway network of Central Europe.

VII. 1-31.
We have no Internet connection in our building.

VI. 29.
Török Zsolt opens the exhibition "Map treasures in Kalocsa"

VI. 16-22.
Zentai László spends one week in Karlsruhe as a TEMPUS scholarship holder

VI. 4-VII. 15.
Kovács Béla spends six weeks in Karlsruhe as a TEMPUS scholarship holder

VI. 1-3.
The Joint Seminar Maps for Special Users, Wroclaw (Poland)
ICA Commission on Maps and Graphics fro Blind and Visually-Impared People
ICA Commission on Gender in Cartography
ICA Working Group on Cartography and Children

Our Presentations:

VI. 1-6.
Klinghammer István take part on the 47th German Cartographic Days in Dresden. The title of his presentation: "Wandel und Beständigkeit in der Kartographie unserer Tage".

V. 27-31.
Tempus Advisory Board meeting in Groningen. Our department was represented by László Zentai.

IV. 24.
The biographical novel of László Almásy written by Török Zsolt "Salaam Almásy" were published

Four students are abroad as scholarship holders

III. 2-VIII. 15.
satekm.jpg - 35854,0 K Ms. Márta Satek (born in Marosvásárhely, 1975 - from 1990 German citizen), cartographic student of Fachhochshule Karlsruhe makes practice semester in our department.

II. 1-12.
Imecs Zoltán and Imbroane Alexandru, professors of Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca), Faculty of Geography visited us to get acquainted our digital cartography subjects.

I. 26.
One of our PC were stolen.

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