Important events of the Department of Cartography (1997)

X. 22-23.
István Klinghammer's presentations: "Die neueste Entwicklung der ungarischen Kartographie" in Munich and Karlsruhe, in the local organizations of German society of cartographers.

X. 22.
On 6. "GIS in Hingher education" conference one of our graduated students, Szabolcs Rácz won a special prize of Kerti's Ltd. for his diploma work.

X. 16.
8. GIS for environment meeting: "Map based Internet solutions" in Hungarian Geological Institute.
Our presentations:
Klinghammer István: Forms of nowadays maps, developing toward GIS
Zentai László: Map and webmaster; What about a good webmap?

X. 2-XI. 30.
Bálint Éva, the student of Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) IV., geography course spent 2 months as a guest student in our department.

IX. 25-28.
IMCoS '97 sympsium organized by our department (dr. Zsolt Török).

IX. 6-11.
Zentai László took part on EUNIS '97 conference (European University Information Systems) in Grenoble (France).

VII. 21.
grof.jpg - 7.3 K Mr. László Gróf L. (Oxford) visited us.

VII. 16.
Both new candidates of our department ( Mátyás Márton , Zsolt Török) received a Széchenyi Professorship.

VII. 2. - VII. 12.
István Klinghammer in Portugal. He visited Porto and Lissabon University. His presentation on the XVII. Map History Congress in section Diplomacy-politics-map: "Pál Teleki and the Mosul Committee".

VI. 23. - VII. 14.
Kovács Béla and Jesús Reyes spent 3 weeks in Karlsruhe by Tempus.

VI. 16.
GIS Treffen - a Tempus meeting in Karlsruhe. Our department was represented by László Zentai.

VI. 6-10.
Tempus Advisory Board meeting in Thessaloniki. Our department was represented by László Zentai.

V. 16.
Kurt Mayer Film (Wien) presented a movie "Through Africa by automobil" (1929) about the first expedition of László Almásy (it is a 110 minutes long black and white silent film). The presentation was organized by Zsolt Török.
Sponsors: Austrian Cultur Institute, Cartographic Office of Hungarian Defence Forces.
V. 13.
klingh0.jpg - -344390,0 K The Hungarian Academy of Sciences gave Academic prize to István Klinghammer

V. 5-8.
István Klinghammer's presentation: "GIS applications in Hungary" in Coburg (Germany) on the 43rd German Cartographic Days - Euro Forum.

IV. 28.
István Klinghammer was elected the deputy president of our university for 3 years. He is responsible for research and organizing.

IV. 9-10.
"External effects in cartography - Aesthetics and harmony in today's cartography" - presentations of István Klinghammer in Szeged and Debrecen.

On the 4th Budapest International Book Festival the series "New Illustrated History" - published by Magyar Könyvklub - got the prize "Buda Book Prize". The maps of the series made by Mátyás Márton.

III. 20
Both candidates of our department ( János Györffy , László Zentai) received a Széchenyi Professorship.

III. 16-19.
Gyula Pápay, Professor of Rostock University spent a week in our department. He presented the atlas "Historischer und geographischer Atlas von Mecklenburg und Pomeran".

II. 16.
Lajos Stegena, the previous leader of our Department died at the age of 76.

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