Important events of the Department of Cartography (1995)

XII. 15.
Dr. Ingrid Kretschmer professor (Institut für Geographie der Universität, Wien) gives a presentation in the stuff club of our university.
The title: Austrian atlases from 1561 to 1994.
XI. 17.
Commemoration on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of László Irmédi-Molnár's death, who was the founder of our department.
XI. 6.
Susanne Dombrowski, the graduated student of Freie Universität, Berlin, spent two semesters at our department with scholarship.
XI. 3.
EASICC (Education and Awareness Special Interest Conference Committee) meeting, Sopron. The department is represented by László Zentai.
X. 30.
Map pages, the official announcement of our department's WWW server.
X. 12-13..
In the joint organization of the Foundation for Maintainable Development and IISA (Komission für Angewandte System Analyse, Laxenburg) a conference was held in the Laxenburg castle. István Klinghammer gave a presentation with the title "Thematisch-kartographische Methode in der Umweltbewertung". Several well-known foreign and Hungarian experts gave presentations and consultations. The representatives of the Department of Cartography were Zsuzsa Draskovits and Mrs Verebi Katalin Fehér.
X. 9.
Prof. Scharfe (Freie Universität Berlin) gave a presentation at our department with the title "Maps in the German press".
X. 4.
39 members of the Cartographic Association of Hessen territory visits our department under the guidance of dr Bär.
IX. 22.
A presentation was given by Zsolt Török with the title "László Almásy and the cartography". This event happened in the course of the Érd Days which were held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of László Almásy's birth.
IX. 10-16.
Zsolt Török and István Klinghammer take part on the 16th International Conference on Map History in Vienna.
IX. 3-7.
The 17th congress of the ICA was held in Barcelona. Our journey was abolished because of financial reasons.
Ulrich Freitag visits our department.
The build-up of the department network.
Dismissals at the university: János Lerner and Zoltán Tihanyi lose their jobs.
V. 21-24.
István Klinghammer is one of the presentators on the 44th German Days of Cartographers in Hamburg.
V. 17.
Prof. Dr. Kurt Brunner (Universität der Bundeswehr, München) is the guest of our department, the title of his presentation: Die Bayerische Landtafeln des Philipp Apian von 1568.
III. 3.
Cartographer meeting at the department.
I. 1.
Béla Kovács is a full-time worker at the department.

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