Important events of the Department of Cartography (1994)

The coming out of Electronic atlases (CD world atlas).
Ágnes Ajtay died.
XI. 1-5.
István Klinghammer gave two presentations at the Freie Universität, Berlin.
X. 21-24.
The 13th international symposion of the International Map Collector's Society in Antwerp. Our Department was represented by Zsolt Török.
X. 5-10.
Book fair in Frankfurt. Our Department was represented by József Szekerka and Zsolt Török.
IX. 14-16.
Two of our graduating students - Csaba Molnár and Tamás Tóth - gave presentation at the ISKO conference in Bratislava. The title: "Education in Cartography and its relation to environmental knowledge Organization". Ágnes Ajtay couldn't take part because of her illness.
IX. 1-4.
The 8th symposion of the Coronelli Society in Prague. Our Department was represented by Zsolt Török.
The dining-hall closed in the Ludovika building. The last meal.
László Zentai was a holder of a scholarship in Germany (Fachhochschule Karlsruhe).
Ágnes Ajtay took part on the joint meeting of two ICA committees in Istanbul: Seminar on Teaching conventional and digital Map Production Lines.
Kálmán Bakonyi died.
The coming out of the English version of the Central-Europe Atlas.

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