Cartography curriculum
TR-c45 Geoinformatics 4 (raster systems)
IV. grade 1. semester -- Lectures per week: 0+2 -- practice mark -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Zentai László -- Lecturer: Székely Balázs, Timár Gábor

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Introduction. Concept and component of GIS. Core vector and raster datatypes.
2. week Structure of GI systems, steps of planning. Methods of data acquisition and processing
3. week Databases.Database amangement systems, formal languages.Database operations, storage
4. week Vector GIS, imaging, cevtor elements, layers. Topological accuracy of data. Vector query
5. week Raster GIS. Basic features of raster images. Representational dynamics, palettes, colouring, histograms
6. week Raster image processing: palette manipulations, convolution and directional filters
7. week Generating composites, principal component analysis, hard and soft classification
8. week Special image types, relief models and their generation, applications
9. week Georeferenced data. Hungarian coordinate and projection systems
10. week Applications and practice, presenting GIS case studies
11. week Erdas Imagine software I.
12. week Erdas Imagine software II.
13. week ER Mapper software I.
14. week ER Mapper software II.
15. week Supplementing practices
Recommended reading:
  • NCGIA Core Curriculum sorozat: - Bevezetés a térinformatikába, Térinformatikai alapismeretek, Térinformatikai alkalmazások
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