Cartography curriculum
TR-c39Computer aided cartography 4
II. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 0+2 -- practice mark -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Zentai László -- Lecturer: Kovács Béla

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Review, introducing the Adobe program package, raster, vector programs
2. week Introducing Adobe Photoshop, overview of menu items
3. week Use of layers, freehand drawing, sizing, formats, image comression methods
4. week Use of scanners in Photoshop
5. week Introduction of Adobe Illustrator vectorgraphical program
6. week Overview of menu items
7. week

The connection between the PostScript page description language and AI format

8. week Adobe Streamline raster-vector conversion
9. week Test 1.
10. week Macromedia FreeHand vectorgaphical program package
11. week Freehand's menu structure, items
12. week Use of styles, colour mixer
13. week Data conversion between software, connection between FH, Photoshop, Illustrator, Streamline and Corel
14. week Anomalies during data exchange and their elimination
15. week Test 2.
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