Cartography curriculum
TR-c37Computer aided cartography 2
I. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 0+2 -- practice mark -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Zentai László -- Lecturer: Kovács Béla

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Review of the subject, the ELTE-NET, preparing user accounts, introduction to networks: historical overview
2. week Classification of computer networks: by extension, transfer media, speed, protocols, topology. LAN, MAN, WAN, ELAN, INTERNET/INTRANET
3. week Services in ELTE-NET environment, large machine systems,depatment servers, workstations, client-server model, peer-to-peer conection, point-to-point connection
4. week Mail and communication rudiments, VMS rudiments, MAIL, NEWS, PHONE, IRC, TALK, LYNX
5. week FTP, TELNET, SSH, SCP protocols/programs, network security
6. week Network etiquette, NETIKETT
7. week Test 1.
8. week Networking possibilities on the department, PC environment, windows/dos network introduction
9. week UNIX rudiments
10. week Samba services, data storage and printing facilities
11. week Introducing the Pine mailing system
12. week Network and system security in UNIX environment
13. week The World Wide Web
14. week Information gathering on the internet, search engines
15. week Test 2.
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