Cartography curriculum
TR-c35 Cartographical communication
IV. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+2 -- exam -- Credit: 4
Responsible: Török Zsolt -- Lecturer: Török Zsolt

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Evolution of cartographical communication theory
2. week Peculiarities of catrographical information communication: sequentional and graphical message
3. week User oriented research: physiological and psychological investigation
4. week Cognitive references of cartographical visualisation
5. week Presentation and expression. Linguistic elements of visual communication
6. week Conventional representation, visual abilities, esthetics, creative image transformation
7. week Visual communication and spatial represenation in arts
8. week Structuring map graphics: horizontal structuring
9. week Graphical hierarchy: Vertical structures and layers, dimensions
10. week Pinciples of graphical semiotics. Data relation and visual variables
11. week Interactive multimedia in cartography. Dynamic image, animation
12. week Map-like representations I.
13. week Map-like representations II.
14. week Maps in mass media, infographics
15. week Special user groups: maps for children
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