Cartography curriculum
TR-c34 History of cartography
V. grade 1. semester -- Lectures per week: 1+1 -- practice mark -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Török Zsolt -- Lecturer: Török Zsolt

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Theories of science and history of science
2. week Science evolution model by Kuhn, multilinear phase model of the history of cartography
3. week Evolution of history of cartography, its place among sciences
4. week Beginnings of theoretical evolution, cartography becoming a section science
5. week The course of independency: constitution and etablation
6. week Evolution of cartography in the 20th century
7. week The deconstruction method and social context in the history of cartography
8. week Evolution of cartogaphical representation forms
9. week Evolution of thematic cartography
10. week Evolution of map reproduction technologies
11. week Old maps as historical sources
12. week Map history in the digital era
13. week Hungarian cartography in 17th and 18th centuries
14. week Hungarian cartography in 19th and 20th centuries
15. week Main research fields: sources, methods, institutional famework
Recommended reading:
  • Klinghammer-Pápay-Török: Kartográfiatörténet
  • Imago Mundi issues
  • History of Cartography monography issues
  • Enzyklopedie zur Geschichte der Kartographie
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