Cartography curriculum
TR-c31 General map history
I. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+0 -- exam -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Török Zsolt -- Lecturer: Török Zsolt

Detailed description of the subject
1. week The first maps: prehistoric relics spatial representations of natural peoples
2. week Antique cartography
3. week Greek and Roman maps
4. week Cosmography of Ptolemy
5. week Symbolics of medieval maps
6. week Portolans and great geographical discoverys
7. week Printed maps in the Renaissance
8. week The first atlases: Mercator and Ortelius
9. week Beginnings of Hungarian catrography: Lazarus and Honterus
10. week Cosmography and chorography, evolution of surveying methodology
11. week Centuries of atlases and globes
12. week Maps and measurements: era of enlightment
13. week Military surveys in 18th-19th century (Hapsburg Empire)
14. week Beginnings of thematic mapping
15. week Old maps: collection, processing, restoration (visiting collections)
Recommended reading:
  • Klinghammer- Pápay- Török: Kartográfiatörténet
  • Stegena: Térképtörténet
  • Klinghammer-Papp-Váry: Földünk tükre a térkép
  • Cartographica Hungarica, The Map Collector, Mercator's World issues
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