Cartography curriculum
TR-c27 Thematic cartography 2
IV. grade 1. semester -- Lectures per week: 1+2 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 3
Responsible: Márton Mátyás -- Lecturer: Klinghammer István, Draskovits Zsuzsanna

Detailed description of the subject (theory)
1. week Scientific concept of cartography in the aspect of modell theory
2. week The concept of thematic maps – theoretic implication
3. week Cartographical modell theory
4. week Modell attributes of maps
5. week Cartographically relevant modell constructions
6. week Theory of semantic levels
7. week Characteristics of form and content in our age
8. week Appearance forms of today's maps
9. week Forming digital object modells
10. week Forming digital map object modells
11. week What is a digital map?
12. week Evolution towards cartographical information systems
13. week From image processing to information systems
14. week Classification of mapmaking
15. week Content of today's maps – Concept of content dissemination
Recommended reading:
  • Klinghammer István: A kartográfia kialakulása napjainkig (Tudománytörténeti áttekintés a kezdetektől a digitális tematikus térképek szerkesztéséig), ELTE, 1991
Detailed description of the subject (practice)
1. week Editing geological maps
2. week Geomorphology maps
3. week Soil maps
4. week Hydrological maps
5. week Geophysical maps
6. week Meteorological and climatological maps
7. week Botanical and zoological maps
8. week Population maps
9. week Political maps
10. week Economical maps
11. week Agricultural maps, forestry maps
12. week Energetical maps
13. week Industrial, commercial maps
14. week Transport and shipping maps
15. week Planning and regional geographical maps
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