Cartography curriculum
TR-c26Thematic cartography 1
III. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+1 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 3
Responsible: Márton Mátyás -- Lecturer: Draskovits Zsuzsanna

Detailed description of the subject (theory)
1. week History of thematic cartography
2. week Types and classification of thematic maps
3. week Sources of thematic maps
4. week Background maps of themes
5. week Criterion of cartographical representation
6. week Tools of cartographical representation
7. week Handling statistical data
8. week Representation types of thematic cartography: sign method
9. week Areal method
10. week Point method
11. week Cartogram method
12. week Cartodiagram method
13. week Isoline method
14. week Motion line method
15. week Structure types of thematic maps
Recommended reading:
  • Klinghammer - Papp-Váry: A tematikus kartográfia alapelvei
  • Klinghammer – Papp-Váry: Földünk tükre a térkép
  • Klinghammer – Pápay – Török: Kartográfiatörténet
  • B. Dent: Principles of Thematic Map Design
  • Robinson – R. Sale – J. Morrison: Elements of Cartography
  • F. Monkhouse – H. Wilkinson: Maps and Diagrams
Detailed description of the subject (practice)
1. week Comparative analysis of thematic maps
2. week Elements of thematic maps: scale, title, legend,mapped area, thematic data, representation methods, names, lettering
3. week Nature of georaphical phenomena
4. week Choosing projection for thematic maps, editing methods of background maps
5. week Handling thematic data
6. week Group forming
7. week Use of colours, typography, visual hierarchy
8. week Signs, sign method, possibilities of application
9. week Areal method, reference areas
10. week Point distribution map, representing the spreading of phenomena
11. week Cartogram, quantitative data with areal reference, geographical, statistical and geometrical surfaces
12. week Cartodiagram
13. week Isoline representation, editing pseudo isolines
14. week Motion lines
15. week Evaluating the semester
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