Cartography curriculum
TR-c21 Theoretical cartography
II. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+1 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 3
Responsible: Török Zsolt -- Lecturer: Török Zsolt

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Cartography as a science. Definitions of map and cartography
2. week Concept of spatial orientation. Internal and external spaces, systems of co-ordinates
3. week Spatial cognition. Spatial sensing, seeing, visual space
4. week Cognitive and mental maps
5. week Evolution of spatial categories and representation. Representational forms of cartography
6. week Objects of cartographic representation. Objective principles
7. week Measuring, dimensions, rates, concept of scale
8. week Conceptual and graphical generalisation
9. week Properties of spatial bearing, Features of map codes
10. week Representational space in cartography. Components of the map
11. week The role of time in cartographic representation
12. week Analogue and digital cartographic modelling
13. week Cartographic modelling in digital environment
14. week Cartometry, map use
15. week Current theoretical questions of cartography
Recommended reading:
  • Kraak-Ormeling: Cartography
  • Zentai László: Számítógépes térképészet
  • Hake-Grünreich: Kartographie
  • Klinghammer- Papp-Váry: Földünk tükre
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