Cartography curriculum
TR-c18 Introduction to cartography
I. grade 1. semester -- Lectures per week: 1+2 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 3
Responsible: Klinghammer István -- Lecturer: Klinghammer István

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Hungarian cartography from the beginnings – Mapping in ancient and medieval times - Cartography in the Renessaince era
2. week Turkish era - The first trainings - Civilian cartography
3. week Military surveys - Mapping in the 20th century - The present
4. week Mapping the Earth: surveying - Shape and dimensions of the Earth
5. week Orientation on the Earth
6. week Depiction of shperes, projections
7. week Categorizing map projections
8. week Cartographic generalisation
9. week Lettering of the maps – spelling of geographical names
10. week Unification of Hungarian geographical names - Geographical names abroad
11. week navigation with a map – Orientation (north bearings)
12. week Measurements on the map
13. week Establishing visibility
14. week Consultation (supplementing cancelled lessons)
15. week Consultation
Recommended reading:
  • Klinghammer István – Papp-Váry Árpád: Földünk tükre a térkép, Gondolat Kiadó, Budapest, 1983. 369 o.
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