Cartography curriculum
TR-c15 Photogrammetry 1
III. grade 1. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+0 -- exam -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Ringhofer JŠnos -- Lecturer: Ringhofer JŠnos

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Evolution of photogrammetry, classification, rudiments
2. week Stereoscopic terms, geometrical basics of photogrammetry
3. week Optical terms in photogrammetry
4. week Physical properties of photogrammetric images. Rudiments of photography. Spectral and image sharpness
5. week Terrestrial metric cameras. Planning and execution of terrestrial photogrammetry
6. week Single-image and stereophorogrammetrical field work, processing images, fields of application. Connection of data to geodetic systems
7. week Metric aerial cameras, requirements, structure. Equipment for outer data determination. Deformations.
8. week Geometrical coherence in aerial photogrammetry. Survey aircraft. Flight planning.
9. week Executing aerial surveys. Quality of images and checking
10. week Single image aerial photogrammetry. Products of single image photogrammetry. Aerial triangulation. Takeover of content with simple editing
11. week Deformations of metric images. Central perspective rectification
12. week Rectification with differential transformation. Orthophoto
13. week Optical transformation of images. Instrument of perpective transformations
14. week Creating Orthophoto maps. Accuracy of orthophotos created by perpective transformations
15. week Radial triangulation
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