Cartography curriculum
II. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 1+2 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 5
Responsible: Ringhofer János -- Lecturer: Kovács Béla

Detailed description of the subject
1. week Review of the subject, generally about navigational systems (LORAN, DECCA, GLONASS, NAVSTAR, GPS)
2. week GPS terminology
3. week Introducing the NAVSTAR system
4. week Introducing planning software (Trimplan, Satview, Satplan)
5. week Concept of DOP-s, PDOP, HDOP, VDOP, TDOP and their relation
6. week Differential surveying methods (dGPS, RTK, RTS, beacon, Omnistar etc.)
7. week Navigational systems
8. week Introducing the Glonass and other systems
9. week Introducing Trimble GPS systems
10. week Test
11. week Relation between GPS and GIS
12. week Measuring practice
13. week Projectional systems, datums, WGS84/EOV conversion
14. week Faults, theory of errors, corrections
15. week Evaluating the semester
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