Cartography curriculum
TR-c12 Geodesy
II. grade 1. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+3 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 5
Responsible: Györffy János -- Lecturer: Winkler Gusztáv (external), PhD student

Detailed description of the subject (theory)
1. week The role of geodesy, its place in gathering information. Relations with GIS, data acquisition scale. Large scale GIS databases.
2. week Horizontal measurements. Shape of the Earth, equipotential surface, systems of co-ordinates. Concept and tools of bearing.
3. week Horizontal measurements. Types of theodolites. Methods of horizonthal measurements.
4. week Horizontal measurements. Automation of goniometry. Distance measurements, geometrical and physical methods.
5. week Determination of heights. Concept and tools of levelling, optical leveller. Methods, parameters of levelling, trigonometrical altimetry.
6. week Calculations on the projected plane. Basic geodetic calculations, planar systems of co-ordinates. Foresight, cutting-in, resection.
7. week Position determination by navigational satellites. The structure of GPS. Satellites and ground station subsystems, methods, possibilities, accuracy.
8. week Geodetic networks, point densification. Classic horizontal and vertical network. Point densification with GPS.
9. week Planning geodetic surveys.
Correlation between area, scale and costs. Flow of works.
10. week Detailed survey. Principles of horizontal and vertical surveys. Measuring Cartesian co-ordinates, levelling, tachimetry, GPS measurements.
11. week Other methods for measuring co-ordinates in large scale mapping.
Primary and secondary data acquisition, active scanners.
12. week Maps in practical geodesy.
Content of geodetic base maps, accuracy. Computer maps, map systems.
13. week Large scale (geodetic) GIS databases (municipal, archeological, building reconstruction). Data acquisition methods, editing base maps, questions of detail and accuracy.
14. week Middle scale (topographic) GIS databases (environmental, planning, historical).HYbrid mapping methods, thematic map modelling.
15. week Summary
Recommended reading:
  • Dr. Krauter András: Geodézia (Műegyetemi Kiadó, 1995)
Detailed description of the subject (practice)
1. week Review; rudiments; simple surveying tools (range pole, right angle prism); ranging; distance measuring; orthogonal survey
2. week Executing orthogonal survey
3. week Getting to know the theodolite
4. week Practising with theodolite
5. week First and second basic geodetic tasks (calculating angle and distance) Geodetic calculations: Foresight, cutting-in, resection Trigonometric altimetry
6. week Measuring with theodolite (practical geodetic calculations)
7. week Tachymetry
8. week Rating: Setting out, uprighting the vertical axis
9. week Levelling instruments
10. week Levelling
11. week Rating: Using reader instruments. Traverse surveying
12. week Traverse surveying
13. week Additional opportunity
14. week Test
15. week Consultation, grading
Recommended reading:
  • Dr. Karsay Ferenc: Geodézia. Tankönyvkiadó, Budapest, 1986.
  • Geodézia I–III. Középiskolai tankönyv.
  • Sárközi Ferenc: Geodézia
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