Cartography curriculum
TR-c09Map projections 1
II. grade 2. semester -- Lectures per week: 2+2 -- exam + practice mark -- Credit: 5
Responsible: Györffy János -- Lecturer: Györffy János

Detailed description of the subject (theory)
1. week Rudiments of map projections
2. week Distortions, distortional modulus
3. week General theory of distortions. Tissot I. theorem
4. week Tissot II. and III. theorem
5. week Indicatrix and distortions along graticules
6. week Relation between projection equations and distortions
7. week Methods for characterising and classifiying map projections
8. week Real projections. General features of azimuthal projections
9. week Perspective azimuthal projections
10. week Non-perspective azimuthal projections. Focus of projections
11. week General features of cylindrical projections. Perspective cylindrical projections
12. week Non-perspective cylindrical projections
13. week General features of conic projections. Perspective conic projections
14. week Conic projections with general distortions
15. week Conformal and equal-area conic projections
Detailed description of the subject (practice)
1. week Planar and spatial systems of co-ordinates
2. week Parameters of datum surface: latitude and longitude on a sphere and on an ellipsoid
3. week Conversion tasks between spatial and datum co-ordinates
4. week Rudiments of spherical geometry
5. week Theses for right-angled spherical triangles and their usage
6. week Theses for spherical triangles and their usage
7. week Theses for spherical triangles and their usage
8. week Solving spherical triginometry tasks
9. week Spherical systems of polar co-ordinates. Azimuth, spherical distance and their calculation
10. week Solving the first and second geodetic base tasks
11. week Auxiliary geographical grid
12. week Conversion between the geographical grid and the auxiliary geographical grid
13. week Rotational transformations of graticules.
14. week Solving the third geodetic base task
15. week Rudiments and tasks of ellipsoidal surfaces
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