Cartography curriculum
TR-c07Cartographical calculations 2
II. grade 1. semester -- Weekly lessons: 1+1 -- practice mark -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Györffy János -- Lecturer: Györffy János

Detailed curriculum of the subject
1. week Numeric methods in cartography
2. week Approximating non-linear equations with chord method
3. week Approximating non-linear equations with secant method
4. week Approximating roots of polinomials
5. week Linear equation systems
6. week Solving linear equation systems with Gauss elimination
7. week Partial and full pivot element chioce
8. week Approximation of integrals with trapezium formula
9. week Approximation of integrals with Simpson formula
10. week Numeric information in PLT, AI and DXF formats
11. week Creating projection grid and linear map objects in PLT format
12. week Screen control in character mode
13. week Graphical modes, procedures of graphical extensions
14. week Graphical screen control
15. week Concept and use of units
Recommended reading:
  • Gisbert S. - Tako G.: Numerikus módszerek 1-2. Budapest, 1993, 1995.
  • Benkő Tiborné-Benkő László-Tóth Bertalan-Varga Balázs: Programozzunk Turbo-Pascal nyelven. Budapest, 1998.
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