Cartography curriculum
TR-c06Cartographical calculations 1
I. grade 2. semester -- Weekly lessons: 0+2 -- practice mark -- Credit: 2
Responsible: Györffy János -- Lecturer: Györffy János

Detailed curriculum of the subject
1. week Algorithms for mapping tasks. Plotting algoritms
2. week Organising cylces
3. week Structure and basic terms of Pascal program. Declarations
4. week Arithmetiuc and logical expressions. Value-giving instructions
5. week Conditional instructions
6. week Cycle instructions
7. week Handling arrays, operations with vectors
8. week Embedded cycles. Matrix operations. Matrix multiplication
9. week Input and writing operations
10. week Declaring and using structured files
11. week Using text files
12. week Declaring and using functions and procedures
13. week Parameters for subprograms, procedures and functions.
14. week Procedure and function identifiers
15. week Using strings. String functions
Recommended reading:
  • Gisbert S. - Tako G.: Numerikus módszerek 1-2. Budapest, 1993, 1995.
  • Benkő Tiborné-Benkő László-Tóth Bertalan-Varga Balázs: Programozzunk Turbo-Pascal nyelven. Budapest, 1998.
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