Cartography curriculum
TR-c05 Prepress 3 (digital)
V. grade 1. semester -- Weekly lessons: 0+2 -- practice mark -- Credit: 4
Responsible: Márton Mátyás -- Lecturer: Márton Mátyás

Detailed curriculum of the subject
1. week Introducing requirements.
Prepress in traditional mapmaking technology.
2. week Prepress in digital mapmaking technology.
3. week The CMYK (colour) technique and usage of direct colours.
4. week 4-colour maps and maps printed with 5–8 colours.
5. week File formats of CorelDraw in press reproduction I.
Prn files for printing films (separations, imagesetting)
6. week File formats of CorelDraw in press reproduction II.
Eps files for use with DTP software.
7. week Correct setup for output files
Questions of attribute setting – Overprint traps
8. week Proof copies and replacing methods
9-10. week The Fuji-proof (Plant visit) [4 lessons]
11-15. week Joint analysis of the practical work
Examinig concrete files.
Materializing the theory in practice.
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