Cartography curriculum
TR-a09 Astronomy 2
II. grade 2. semester -- Weekly lessons: 2+2 -- exam+practice mark -- Credit: 4
Responsible: Draskovits Zsuzsanna -- Lecturer: Sándor Zsolt

Detailed curriculum of the subject
1-14. weeks Spherical system of co-ordinates. Geographic, geodetic and geocentric co-ordinates. The celestial globe. Celestial system of co-ordinates. Topo-, geo- and baricentric co-ordinates. Apparent motion of the Sun. Apparent motion of the Moon and planets. Proper motion of stars. Daily and yearly aberration. Interferring effects of the atmosphere. Astronomical basics of determination of position. Systems of co-ordinates on surfaces of other orbs. Altimetry from space. Basics of spherical trigonometry. Horizon, zenith, nadir, celestial equator, ecliptic, poles, vernal equinox, galactic and supergalactic equator.
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