5.5. Attributes

One of the fundamental groups of the descriptive knowledge related to the objects is constituted by the attributes.

The attribute encompasses the identification, thematical, positional and data quality characteristics of the object. For abstract denotation of the descriptive feature the expression "attribute type" (e.g. "number of twin points") is used. To each of the attribute types belong the determined set of the concrete attribute values (e.g. possible values of the number of the twin points: 2,3,4).

For the attributes it is fixed in this standard, that what kinds of common features, attribute types belong to the object groups, object classes and the database DAT as to the different classification levels of the objects. For physical building of the DAT it is useful to refer summarizing them. Determination of the set of concrete attribute values belonging to the attribute types is not carried out in the conceptual data model, but at the forming of the database DAT of logical or physical levels.

The following attribute tables are contained in Appendix 2.

ATTR Attributes of database digital large scale map
ATTROO Attributes of object classes and groups
ATTRAA Attributes of horizontal and 3D geodetic control points
ATTRAB Attributes of geodetic bench marks
ATTRAC Attributes of detail and boundary points
ATTRAD Attributes of public administration units
ATTRAE Attributes of public administration sub-units (environs of settlement, town district, block)
ATTRBA Attributes of public areal parcels
ATTRBB Attributes of non public areal parcels
ATTRBC Attributes of subparcels
ATTRCA Attributes of buildings
ATTRCB Attributes of building accessories
ATTRCC Attributes of fences and sustaining walls
ATTRCD Attributes of terrain objects
ATTRDA Attributes of the idefication points of the transportation facilities
ATTRDB Attributes of transportation facilities in inhabited inner areas
ATTRDC Attributes of roads (in rural areas)
ATTRDD Attributes of railways and rails of electric operation
ATTRDE Attributes of air traffic facilities
ATTRDF Attributes of the transportation facilities
ATTREA Attributes of wires, pipelines and cableways
ATTREB Attributes of facilities of wires, pipelines, cableways
ATTRFA Attributes of flowing and stillwaters
ATTRFB Attributes of water facilities
ATTRFC Attributes of water conservancy technical objects
ATTRGA Attributes of contour lines
ATTRGB Attributes of relief configuration
ATTRGC Attributes of digital terrain model
ATTRHA Attributes of boundaries of the quality branches
ATTRHB Attributes of boundaries of quality classes of arable land
ATTRHC Attributes of survey and DAT registration circuits
ATTRHD Attributes of enhanced or derived boundaries
ATTRXX Attributes of primitives

The primitives can at the most have just data quality attributes, what is more, just those of them following below: origin, actuality, accuracy, data protection. Their use is optional. If they exist, the object takes over the value of the above allowed attributes of the primitives making up the object itself in a combinative way. If as a result contradiction shows up and between the attribute values to be combined priority is not defined, extra care should be taken for giving the attribute value relative to the concrete object.

For forming the data structure of the digital basic map the following rules should be obeyed because of making the cross references unambiguous:

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