3. Acronyms

AKGold crown - Value of land on the base of cadastral
DATDigital Large Scale Basic Map
ENEuropean normatives
EOMAUnified National Vertical Control Network
EOTRUnified National Map System
EOVUnified National Projection (System)
EÖIOther independent immovable
EUREF-89European Reference Frame, 1989 defined for the date 1989
FMMinistry of Agriculture
FM FTFMinistry of Agriculture, Department of Lands and Mapping
FÖMIInstitute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRS-67Geodetic Reference System, 1967.
H11st-order points of boundary
H22nd-order points of boundary
HD-72Hungarian Datum 1972
IUGGInternational Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
KSHCentral Statistical Office
MÉMMinistry of Agriculture and Food
MÉM FTHMinistry of Agriculture and Food, National Office of Lands and Mapping
MSZHungarian Standard
MSZHHungarian Office for Standardization
OFTHNational Office of Lands and Mapping
OMFBNational Committee for Technological Development
R11st-order detail points
R22nd-order detail points
T11st-order maximum allowable error
T22nd-order maximum allowable error
T33rd-order maximum allowable error
T44th-order maximum allowable error
WGS-84It is for the World Geodetic System 1984i, which is the basic coordinate system of the GPS determinations. It is the acronym of the English term.
World Geodetic System, 1984
3DThree dimension, of three dimensions

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