IMCOS '97 Welcome
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International Map Collector's Society
16th International Symposium

Budapest, Hungary
September 25-28, 1997.

For many of the participants of this 16th IMCoS International Symposium this is the first visit to Budapest and Hungary. For others, we hope, this is a new opportunity to learn more about the country, its people and the rich cultural heritage of Hungary.
For about one thousand years the Magyars, that is Hungarians, have lived here with permanent interrelations with other people and cultures.

Our Symposium will focus on the Region that is called Central Europe, where a new beginning of cartography was experienced in the Renaissance. The scope of the symposium covers four hundred years, from medieval manuscript maps to the first printed map of Hungary, and from the famous Lazarus map of 1528 to 19th century thematic cartography. Apart from the host country, we will hear about the old maps of Brandenburg and Croatia. The works of map makers, such as Ortelius and Marsigli will be discussed. We will also have the opportunity to see the treasures of the greatest map collections in Budapest and in the country.

The organizing committee hopes that beyond all these, the symposium will give you the opportunity to enjoy the company of the friends from all over the world in this wonderful city.


Dr. Zsolt Török
IMCoS ‘97

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