3.2. Report of the Activities of the College for Surveying and Land Managemenmt (FFFK) of the University of Forestry and Timber Industry, Székesfehérvár

1. Introduction

FFFK is the only college in the country where engineers of both surveying and land management are trained.
The frames of training, content of Syllabi are determined by the programmes of the individual subjects. Basic training for regular students takes six semesters (3 years). Term time of the semesters lasts 13-14 weeks, while weekly number of classes averages 30.
Natural and social sciences, as well as part of the basics of surveying are taught in the 1st and 2nd semesters, professional surveying and land management training is held in the 3rd and 4th semesters together for students of both surveying and land management, while the two groups part in the 5th semester.

Compared to the '80s in 1995 professional (surveying & land management) subjects have more weight in the new syllabus, but the major proportions remained unchanged. More stress is given to practical training, as well as to the interpretation of research results.

Total number of classes in the 3-year period is 3228. The proportion of theoretical and practical classes are 35-36 vs. 64-65 % respectively.
Following the successful final examination graduates are given certificates of B.Sc. on land management or B.Sc. on land administration. They qualify them for surveying positions of various government or private jobs.
Training is overwhelmingly regular, with a very small number of corresponding students.

The College has the following departments:

2. Selected Research Activities

Department of Surveying and Land Management:

Department of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing:
Department of Geodesy:
Department of GIS & LIS:
3. Qualifying and other special courses

Major effort was put into the training of surveying technicians (a secondary qualification obtainable in earlier times) for production engineers. Some 1,000 students have obtained their higher certificates in 4 years. Among other courses the one also for surveying technicians and qualifying as land management technicians is also popular.

István JOÓ
College for Surveying and Land Management,
University of Forestry and Timber Industry,

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