Hungarian National IUGG Report 1991-1994 (Presented at the IUGG Congress, Boulder CO)
in: Acta Geodaeticaet Geophyisica Hungarica Vol.30.No.1, 1995

Hungarian Military Standard for Topographic Maps in the scale range 1:25 000- 1:200 000 MHTÁTI Budapest, January 1995

Hungarian Standard Proposal Digital Base Map (DAT) Conceptual Model Version 4.1
Compiled by FÖMI, Budapest June, 1995

Sz.Mihály : Description Directory of the Hungarian Geodetic References 4th Edition FÖMI, June 1995

Sz.Mihály: Description Directory and Standard for the Hungarian National Reference and Projection Systems. Presented at the GIS/LIS'95 Central Europe Budapest June 12-16 1995

Sz.Mihály,I.Nikl, R.Baldwin,Á.Podolcsák: The Hungarian GIS Data Transfer Format
Presented at the GIS/LIS'95 Central Europe Budapest June 12-16 1995

Sz.Mihály: Standard for Hungarian Large Scale Base Map. Presented at the GIS/LIS'95 Central Europe Budapest June 12-16 1995

Sz.Mihály, T.Mészáros: The Hungarian Administrative Boundaries Database obtained with the cooperation of FÖMI and the land offices. Presented at the GIS/LIS'95 Central Europe Budapest June 12-16 1995

OMFB: National GIS Project. Budapest, 1995

Gy.Iván, Sz.Mihály, P.Divényi, I.Rátkainé, R.Solymosi: Technology for Digitisation of the Hungarian Topographic Maps: Verification and results.
Presented at the GIS/LIS'95 Central Europe Budapest June 12-16 1995

Büttner Gy., G. Maucha: Image processing for CORINE Land Cover -Hungary. (EARSeL XIV. Symposium, Göteborg, July 1994.

P. Winkler - P. Somogyi - Gy. Zelei - G. Büttner: Assessment of the Potential of Optical and Microwave Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques for Land Surface Monitoring of the Impact of Land Reform (EARSeL XIV. Symposium, Göteborg, July

Büttner Gy.: The CORINE Land Cover - Hungary Project, Geo-information Systems for Environment, Budapest, September 1994

G.Remetey-Fülöpp: Land reform of a country in transition needs application of digital photogrammetry and aerospace remote sensing. International Symposium on resource and environmental monitoring arranged by the ISPRS Commission VII. September 25 - October 1, 1994

G.Remetey-Fülöpp: Die Entwicklung und die Vermessung: Statusbericht aus Ungarn. Invited lecture.
5.Österreichischer Geodätentag Eisenstadt, 5-8 October 1994

G.Remetey-Fülöpp: Insider's view on the topic: Geo- and Land Information Management. GIM Magazine January 18, 1995

The News of the Hungarian Association of Geo-Information (HUNAGI) Column in bi-monthly TÉRINFORMATIKA (GI). Budapest (since January 1995)

G. Konecny - P. Winkler: Land applications (EURISY Colloquium Earth Observation by Satellite: An Opportunity for Mankind in the 21st Century. Vienna. 5-6 Dec. 1994)

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P. Winkler: An example of Inter-Sectoral Cooperation. (UNESCO/ITC Seminar: Geo-information for the environmentally sound management of natural resources, Enschede, 20 April 1993.) (Invited paper)

Reports and other materials produced by the Computerisation of Land Offices Know Edge Technical Assistance Team since October 1994:

L.Balázs, Gy.Domokos, A.Hernandez and D. Sharman: A Large Scale Cadastral Survey and Mapping Strategy for Hungary (summary) May 1994/October 1994 (Produced by the Know Edge Long Term TA Team) (Translation of the original report submitted in English.Translation arranged by Know Edge.)

Z. Szabó and P.WoodcockPost Implementation Review of the District Land Offices Phase I and II: October 1994 SATEC short term consultancy)
Original report submitted in English. No Hungarian version

J.Fekete: TAKAROS cabling in the district land offices. November, 1994
Original report submitted in Hungarian. No English version. (Carried out as a Know Edge short term consultancy)

Jeneiné Nagy Márta: Management Information System, Monitor I. Property sheet data loading
November 1994, (Original report submitted in Hungarian. No English version.)

Zoltán Gábor Szabó: Review of IT-technological requirements for the extension of the PHARE Computerisation Project December 1994.Original report submitted in Hungarian. No English version.

Jeneiné Nagy Márta: Management Information System, III. Digit, Digital Map Files
January 1995 Original report submitted in Hungarian. No English version.

UN ECE Guidelines for Land Administration Systems:Land Registration in Hungary - Workshop Presentation 24th Nov 1994 2nd meeting UN ECE Task Force (Preparation of Guidelines for the Construction of Land and Real Property Registration Systems), Edited by Mária Tóth (Know Edge long term TA Team) January 1995.

UN ECE Guidelines for Land Administration Systems - Appendix A: The Hungarian Experience May 1995 Niklasz, L. - Remetey-Fülöpp, G. - Podolcsák,Á. - Baldwin,R.A.
Original reports submitted in English. No Hungarian version. (Carried out as a Know Edge long term consultancy.)

Szabó Zoltán Gábor és Kiss Lajos: A digitális formában tárolt kárpótlási adatok kezelésének jelenlegi helyzete, 1.1 változat. - 1995. április
Original report submitted in Hungarian. (Translated :Present status of the Management of the Compensation data stored in digital form) Carried out as a Satec Développement short-term consultancy

Matti, Arponen: Hungarian Data Transfer Standard Situation - study, version 1.1, February 1995
Original report submitted in English. No Hungarian version.
(Carried out as an AGRAR Consulting GmbH short-term consultancy)

Dr. Niklasz, L. Dr. Remetey-Fülöpp, G. - Dr. Baldwin, R.A.: Land Registration in Hungary - A Strategic Plan: The Next Four Years 1995-1999 - May 1995
Prepared in English, no Hungarian version.
Know Edge Long Term TA consultancy, supporting MoA DLM.

Podolcsák, Á. and Mahoney, R. : Developing a Management Information System, October 1995 Know Edge LTTTA Consultancy, Hungarian translation available.

A TAKAROS Rendszer bemutatása a megvalósítás küszöbén - V, szeminárium a földhivatalok részére - 1995 november.
(TAKAROS System - introduction at the gate of the implementation - Vth Seminar for land offices
Prepared by DLM, ICL Hungary and the Know Edge LTTA Team, in Hungarian. No translation available.

Dr. Baldwin, R.: Inception Report on Phare Computerisation of Land Offices Project - a Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture. January 1996. (No Hungarian version)

Dr. Niklasz, L. Dr. Remetey- Fülöpp, G. - Podolcsák, Á. - Waters, R.S.: Modernisation of Land Management - Strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture - September 1996. (Hungarian version: A Földművelésügyi Minisztérium stratégiája a földügyi igazgatás korszerűsítésére - 1996. Szeptember
Prepared by the DLM in co-operation with the Know Edge LTTA Team.

DAT Adatcsere interfész - dokumentáció és programozói segédlet - DAT Data Exchange Interface, documentation to digital data transfer and a Programmer's Guidebook - December 1996
Prepared by Geoview Ltd. on the order of Know Edge Ltd. Weekly reports in English, bilingual final report.

Hartley, S. - Surányi, A. - Herczegh, L. - Szőr, G.: Data Products and Services Marketing Study - January 1997. (Hungarian translation available)
Carried out as an Ordnance Survey (UK) short-term consultancy

TAKARNET : Nagy-területi hálózat a földhivataloknak - VI. Szeminárium -(TAKARNET - Wide Area Network for the land offices, VIth Seminar - 1997 március
Seminar booklet in Hungarian, prepared by DLM, Know Edge LTTA Team, MATÁV and KFKI Számítástechnikai Rt.
No translation is avalable.

Büttner, G., G. Maucha: Image processing for CORINE Land Cover -Hungary, EARSeL Symposium, Göteborg, July, 1994. In: Sensors and Environmental Applications (Proceeedings of the Symposium) pp. 31-36, Balkema, 1995.

Büttner, G., É. Csató, G. Maucha: The CORINE Land Cover - Hungary project, Proceedings, International Conference on Environment and Informatics, Budapest, 1995, pp.54-61.

Maucha G., G. Büttner: Modelling In-River Phosphorus Concentration using Remote Sensing and GIS, paper accepted for presentation at: EARSeL'97 Symposium, Coppenhagen, June, 1997.

G. Csornai: The Hungarian segment of MERA '92, Workshop on Soil Degradation Assessment/MERA '92. Budapest, 19 September, 1996.

G. Csornai: Toward a Remote Sensing Based Crop Monitoring System in Hungary.
MERA 1994-96 Results Conference, Bratislava, 10-11 December 1996.

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