7.1 Establishment of standards for digital map products and verification technologies
The projects includes among others the elaboration of documents related to the standardization of the digital surveying base map (logical data model, digital data model, data exchange model, graphical representation, technological and legal regulations with respect to ownership and copyright issues). Coordination with the PHARE Land Office Computerization Project is provided by MoA via its PHARE management. Additional activities are related to the establishment of the Geodetic Point Database. Elaboration of the digital geoid map for Hungary is also included.
Establishment of the new technology and product in digital cadastral and 1:10 000 topographic mapping and associated standards produced by FÖMI is supported by Intergraph hw/sw technology chain.
The infrastructure and know how allows technological upgrade including establishment of the raster color, raster binary and vector databases for 1:100 000 topographic maps, elevation models, experimental investigation of map revision and automation in lithography and hardcopy production of topographic maps. The majority of this development has already been done and the results are presented in chapter 3 of this report by figures in the survey statistics.

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