6.3.1 The basic aims of TAMA are:
The German partner in the Project, the Büro für Bodenbewertung (bfb) Kiel, is providing technical assistance and based on their experience, has designed a procedure which will include the following steps:
The available information is to be collected, checked and interpreted in order to suggest a reorganisation of the land structure. Satellite data and images, new aerial photographs, digital orthophotos and digital cadastral maps have also been used as input data for GIS. Digital image processing and digital cartography are being used to interpret the natural environment and the structure of land use. Pilot projects have been launched simultaneously in 15 neighbouring communities which are equally divided between four counties.
A complete organisational hierarchy from the MoA and land offices to the communities and the land owners has been set up. This will be used to coordinate the transfer of the core technical standards and know-how. Local representatives will also be involved in the reorganisation procedure and the wishes of the new owners will also taken into account.
This process of communication and decision-making includes a comprehensive training component and workshops and courses will provide information at all levels. In addition, the Project will administer a land-exhange service for owners from different communities. This Project will also be involved in supporting legal regulations for land reorganisation and consolodation.

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