4.2.2.Land Utilization
In connection with agricultural land utilization, the land offices have double task. One is contolling the obligation of agricultural land use, the other is promoting the land consolidation by means of spontaneous land exchanges.
The present legislation in power prescribes the cultivation of the agricultural land for the land users, or at least the soil protection, if the agricultural land is temporarily out of use. These obligations should be controlled by the land office, by means of agricultural site inspections, in the course of which the land office identifies the site where the land use is neglected. If it is stated, that for the negligence the user is to blame, the land office may inflict a land protection fine.
It can be regarded as an undesired byproduct of the land privatization carried out in the recent years that rather scattered property patterns have been formed in our country, e.g. properties of agricultural land belonging to a single land owner lie in 5-10 different field units, far from each other. This situation is very disadvantageous from the point of view of economical production. To change it, the present legislation offers only one possibility: the spontaneous land exchange.
The arrangement of such exchanges - especially in case of several property owners - needs much skill and proficiency. Therefore, as the law provides those intending to exhange lands with this opportunity , people would rather request the assistance of the competent land office.

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