The new unified registration was completed by the land offices for the entire country by communities in 1973-81. The phases were the following:
a/ Local survey was carried out by the land offices for the total area of the communities, after that the mapbases were corrected and/or completed according to the borders of the estates, cultivations and of being built over.
b/ From the previous sheets and from the land register files, a plan for the ownership list was composed, including all the data relating to the real estate and its legal status.
c/ The previous data had to be harmonized with those, ascertained in the course of the local survey. The legal status had to be compared with the actual situation. In case of divergence, every owner was questioned on the base of documents, and a final decision was passed.
d/ All the changes were entered in the draft property sheet, which served later on for the new registration.
e/ The new real estate registration was first exhibited for thirty days and after that put into force.

Experience showed that a divergence between the actual situation and the previous registration occurred at nearly a half of the cases. The ownership problems were in several instances rather intricate, so that a final arrangement required a considerable amount of special knowledge and practical expertise.

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