The Department of Lands and Mapping, the top organ of the administration, has three divisions responsible for There are 115 District Land Offices, 19 County Land Offices, the Budapest Land Office and the Budapest Districts Land Office.

Commissioned by the Department of Lands and Mapping, MoA, the Földmérési és Távérzékelési Intézet (Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing - FÖMI) is responsible for the supervision of government contracts in mapping and cadastre and also for R+TD works of the Hungarian Agency on Land Administration and Mapping.

The governmental authority keeps contact with the professional societies and institutions including the academic ones (the Committee on Geodetic Science of the Hungarian Academy of Science and with its subcommittees).

The privatisation of the former state owned large companies in the field of geodesy and/or cartography will be completed in the near future. A share of min.25% will still remain with the government.

In accordance with the decision made by the Hungarian Government in August 1996, as the legal successor of the Tóth Ágoston Mapping and Military Geographic Institute of HHD, the Mapping Agency of the Hungarian Home Defence Forces (MA-HHDF) has been established. in conformity with the Act on Surveying and Mapping Activities issued in 1996 the Mapping Agency of HHDF has also gained executive tasks, especially in the field of traditional and digital topography and cartography.

Close professional cooperation links the Agency on Land Administration and Mapping with the MA-HHDF headed by Colonel József Cseri, especially in the field of standardisation, geodetic networks and topographic mapping. (Two highlights have to be mentioned here: The conceptual model for the standard of military digital topographic maps have been prepared in the last year by the MA-HHDF and has been accepted as standard. The Digital Topographic Database (1:50 000) will be marketed very soon.) Representatives of the Agency on Land Administration and Mapping were kindly invited by the military mapping colleagues to participate in the NATO Workshop held in Budapest on Mapping, Charting and Geodesy Partnership in November 1995, as well as on the ceremony held on the occasion of the completion of the first NATO compatible topographic sheet.

The number of independent surveyors is over 1000. The Hungarian Society of Surveying Mapping and Remote Sensing (MFTTT) promotes new technologies among its members. A self-organized institution of the independent surveyors is missing, but the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers has a division devoted to surveying and mapping.

In the field of education and training, the institutions can be classified in three categories:
a) University level
Technical University of Budapest 3 Departments in the Faculty Civil Engineering
Eötvös L. University of Sciences, Department of Cartography in Budapest
b) College level
College on Surveying and Land Management at Székesfehérvár of the Sopron University
c) Secondary school level
5 secondary schools having special orientation in surveying
Special postgraduate courses should be mentioned as well:
Tempus funded Distance Learning Programme (OLLO) for the Land Office staff
Special Course at the University of Science Faculty of Law
Two universities in technology and economics in Budapest together with a British university offer a also course, where the European valuation systems and the Hungarian land valuation and land use are being introduced in details.
As far as the legal environment is concerned new acts and regulations have entered in force.

New acts are as follow:
LXXVI.1996 on Surveying and Mapping Activities

This Act was passed by Parliament in late October 1996. Basic aim of the new act is to ensure that series of maps be available covering the total area of the country, that are suitable as bases of real property registration on the one hand, of geographic information systems, of defence, as well as of various economic, scientific and social subjects. The legal measure also sets the rules to what degree users of maps are to cover the costs of maps. XV.1995 Subject: Modification of Act on Committees of Land re-organisation...
XXXVIII. 1995 Subject: Modification of the Compensation Act (XXV/1991)
New regulations
Order No.12/1995(V.4) of the Minister of MoA in subject modification of the Ministerial Order of 1991 regulating the supply, use of and
payment for geoinformation data
Order No.21/1995(VI.29) of the Minister of MoA in subject: Producing and Handling Data Sets of Digital Surveying Base Map.

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