Mailing list

1. How to send message to the list?
Just send a message to and your message will be sent to each "subscriber". All members are subscribers (I put your e-mail address to the list).
It is allowed to send attachment to the list, but the size limit is 150 kB (practically your attachment cannot be larger then circa 100 kB).

2. Who can send messages to the list?
Because of the spam it is a closed list, only the subscribers can send messages. If a non subscriber send a message to the list I got an
automatic message and I have a possibility to let the distribution manually.
We have another list of addresses (approved list). It is possible to send messages to the list from these addresses, but they will not get the
It is a good idea to send me your additional e-mail addresses and I put these addresses to the approve list. So you will get only one copy of each message to your subscribed e-mail address, but you can send message from all of your e-mail address.

3. Subscribe/unsubscribe:
If you ever want to delete yourself from this mailing list, you can send mail to me.

If you have any question please contact me. I suggest you to keep this message and read it again if necessary (but it will be in the archieve, too).