Cartography Island

Cartography Island is an island in the Pacific.
On this island is placed information about different aspects of cartography.
Cartographers are invited to visit the island to obtain cartographic information.
Cartographers are also invited to contribute information which can make the island into a one stop geographical location where everyone could go to indulge their passion for cartography.”

Cartography Island “themes” are listed at the information kiosk located at the island’s airstrip.
Theme labelled map pins, distributed around Cartography Island, allow users to access selected cartographic information.
Double clicking on a coloured map pin on the island takes a user to the following information relating to cartography:

    1. Careers
    2. Conferences
    3. Education & Training
    4. Heritage
    5. Membership
    6. Cartography Competition
    7. Products
    8. Professional Associations
    9. Publications
    10. Newsletter
    11. Research
    12. Resources
    13. Sister Societies
    14. Theory & Techniques
    15. Workshops
    16. Young Cartographers

How to visit Cartography Island:

  1. Make sure you have the latest copy of Google Earth available on a PC with a fast CPU.
  2. Click on the Cartography Island text or image below.
  3. The file will load and then open in Google Earth.
  4. Allow a minute or two for the island to form in Google Earth.
  5. In the Places window on the left, click the “Temporary Places” off, to remove duplicate map pins.
  6. In the Layers window on the left, click off all layers except the “Terrain”.
  7. Navigate to the desired location to see an iconic structure or just click on a map pin to see the content.

Cartography Island

Google Earth image – 2010 Digital Globe

This is the first version. If you think it is worth developing please send your ideas to If you, your ICA commission or organisation, would like a site on Cartography Island then contact David Fraser. If you foresee legal issues associated with such a development please let me know (seriously!).

Due acknowledgement must be given to the people of Kosrae for the “virtual” use of their island. For a holiday with a difference you can visit the island and experience the Mwolana spirit of hospitality and self-sufficiency. For more information click on The islands of the Pacific are under threat from climate change and perhaps Cartography Island can be used as a vehicle to highlight the needs of the island people in the Pacific.