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September, 2010

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1. Commission meeting in Nessebar, Bulgaria (June 18, 2010)

Our Commission had a meeting during the Third International Conference on Cartography and GIS, counting with the participation of ICA President William Cartwright and Milan Konecny, past President and our Liaison with ICA EC. Some of the themes discussed during the meeting were: organization of the Biannual Awards on Educational Cartographic Resources, preliminary activities for the future edition of a book on the topic of School Cartography (Elementary and Secondary level) and possible Commission meeting before ICC 2011. The major part of the time was dedicated to follow the discussion begun in our previous meeting in Santiago de Chile about the changes in the rules for the next Barbara Petchenik competition. The whole Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from the Commission website.

2. Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition 2011

Annexed to this newsletter you can find the new rules for the Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition in 2011. These rules were changed according to our decisions taken in the previous Commission meetings in Santiago and Nessebar.

The deadline for sending the national winner entries to International Coordinator of the 2011 Competition is April 1.

The two more important changes are related to the physical characteristics of the entries (specifying what kind of materials cannot be used) and the introduction of an official permission signed by parents of national winners, agreeing to the free use of the drawings for publication by ICA and other organizations (on behalf of the ICA). The official permission form is also annexed to this newsletter in two versions: in English and in Spanish/English too. It should be translated to their respective languages by the organizers of the competition at national level.

3. ICA Biannual Awards on Educational Cartographic Resources 2011

In 2011 will be organized the Biannual Awards on Educational Cartographic Resources by the first time. This competition is organized by the Commission on Education and Training and our Commission, materializing an initiative proposed by our Past Chair Patrick Wiegand in 2005. Annexed to this newsletter you can find the rules of the Awards in English and French languages. A member country can nominate only one entry by category (see the rules). We would like to invite you to send the call for all those cartographic companies in your country, which are interested/working on school cartography.

From the rules of this competition:

"Submissions are invited for the competition in the form of maps, atlases and other educational cartographic resources designed to be used for either school students within the 3-18 age range or for tertiary undergraduate students. The term 'Educational cartographic resources' should be interpreted broadly to include, for example, conventional, web-based and digital materials, maps, globes and GIS. It shall not be restricted to published materials (enabling, for example, materials produced by cartography students and teachers to be included). Materials that are primarily instructional in nature (i.e. textbooks on map skills) are not, however, included. Atlases are eligible."

These rules can be found in the website of the Commission on Education and Training ( and in our Commission website.

4. Some data about present membership

Interesting statistics about the Commission membership were presented in our meeting in Nessebar: At present, we have a total of 56 members (11 full members and 45 corresponding members), representing 25 countries. The three countries with the major number of representatives are: Brazil (7), Argentina and Greece (5), and Spain (4). Active members (those colleagues, who during the last 10 years have participated in events organized by the Commission and are in live contact by email): 8 from the full and 32 from the corresponding members.

Some corresponding members have contacted us to ask about how to become a full Commission member. Full members should be officially proposed by the ICA National Committee of their respective countries and the proposal should be sent to ICA Executive Committee for its approval before ICC 2011.

5. Activities related to ICC 2011 (Paris, 3-8 July 2011)

ICA Travel Awards

ICA Executive Committee published the new rules to apply for an ICA Travel Scholarship; which can be downloaded from the next address:

We exhort all the colleagues younger than 35 years, who are also citizens of developing and ICA member countries to send their applications before 15 December 2010 (new deadline!!!, the previous one was October 4).

Commission meeting before ICC2011

Our Commission (together with the Commission on Education and Training) is having contacts with colleagues from French Universities, who can be potential organizers of a joint meeting. Our idea is to organize a joint meeting in a place near to Paris, possibly on June 30 and July 1, counting with the confirmed participation of three ICA Commissions: Cartography and Children, Education and Training, and Planetary Cartography. At present we plan to send an extraordinary newsletter with the Call for this joint meeting at latest next November.

6. Other upcoming conferences

- Informatics 2011 / Informática 2011 - VII International Congress of Geomatics / VII Congreso Internacional de Geomática (7-11 February 2011, Havana, Cuba). Papers will be accepted in English and Spanish (deadline: September 30). Website:
- German Association of University Lecturers in Geography Symposium (7-8 April 2011, Ludwigsburg, Germany. Theme: "Spatial orientation, maps and geo-information in education". Website: images/content/pdf/Call-for-Papers_HGD-Ludwigsburg-2011.pdf
- IGU CGE Symposium 2011 - Organized by the British Committee of the IGU Commission on Geographic Education. Date: 18-20 April, 2011. Venue: Institute Of Education, University of London, London, United Kingdom. Theme: "Curriculum Making in Geography". Website:
- 14th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science - (18?21 April 2011, Utrecht, The Netherlands). Full paper submission: October 18, 2010, Short paper and poster submissions: January 14, 2011. Website:

6. Possible date for our next newsletter

Commission Co-Chairs plan to send an extraordinary newsletter before finishing this year, including more details and dates for the participation in the Commission Joint Meeting before ICC 2011.

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